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Catalog 2014 - 64 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

I a ID the difference between looking and seeing. Between hearing and iderstanding. I am part vision, part science. Above all, human. I am committed to you, to your profession and your mission. I am innovation. I am education. I am the way healthcare learns. I am CAE Healthcare.

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CAE Healthcare delivers educational tools that help healthcare professionals provide safe, high quality patient care. CAE Healthcare partners with organizations worldwide to offer realistic and relevant healthcare simulation training solutions. With a bold mission to improve patient safety and outcomes, we continuously strive to develop breakthrough products that advance learning and competency within risk-free settings. Our end-to-end spectrum of simulation solutions includes patient, surgical and imaging simulation, audiovisual solutions and learning applications. With a broad array of products,...

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CAE — a legacy of innovation Our commitment to quality Patient Simulation — the CAE Healthcare difference CAE Fidelis™ Maternal Fetal Simulator HPS® Caesar™ iStan® METIman® Nursing and PreHospital PediaSIM® BabySIM® and ExamSIM® Patient simulator accessories and FX™ Müse® and TouchPro™ Which patient simulator is right for you? Ultrasound Simulation — the CAE Healthcare difference VIMEDIX™ VIMEDIX™ Ob/Gyn Ultrasound training/ICCU™ e-learning Blue Phantom™ Vascular Access Training Models Blue Phantom™ Emergency Care Training Models Blue Phantom™ Women’s Health Training Models Surgical Simulation...

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CAE > A LEGACY OF INNOVATION CAE’s vision is to be the partner of choice for customers operating in complex, mission-critical environments by providing the most innovative modeling and simulation-based solutions to enhance safety, improve efficiency and help solve challenging problems. From passenger safety to patient safety CAE is a global leader in modeling, simulation and training for aviation with a 65-year history of breakthrough innovation. Since CAE’s founding in 1947, the company has dedicated its talent and leadership to driving technological advancements that improve aviation training...

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CAE HEALTHCARE > A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY As medical technology advances, CAE Healthcare is committed to delivering relevant training solutions for today’s healthcare environment. Our commitment to quality, innovation and world-class service inspire loyalty and a sense of shared purpose. Engineering solutions for today’s medical education and training environment CAE Healthcare employs the world’s finest modellers of human physiology and an experienced core of medical simulation engineers. With the added resource of more than 2,000 engineers within CAE, we offer an unrivaled depth of engineering...

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Patient Simulation A LEADER IN HIGH-FIDELITY SIMULATION CAE Healthcare’s patient simulators accurately mimic human cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological systems, and they automatically generate physiological responses. This allows learners and interprofessional teams to suspend disbelief and develop teamwork, communication and higher level critical thinking skills. Setting the standard with state-of-the-art, modeled physiology Ever since the introduction of CAE Healthcare’s first anesthesia patient simulator, the HPS, our patient simulation line has set the standard for realism, accuracy...

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Maternal Fetal Simulator Unrivaled realism, reliability and versatility for childbirth scenarios The Fidelis Maternal Fetal simulator delivers powerful fidelity with a new level of realism for practice of pre-partum emergencies and labor and delivery scenarios. With validated and integrated maternal-fetal physiology, the simulator responds automatically to clinical interventions. Advanced birthing mechanism is reliable, stable and the quietest on the market Tactile realism of mother and fetus allow learners to identify stages of labor, breech position and to perform more interventions, including...

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Patient Simulation FPO CAE Healthcare’s Fidelis Maternal Fetal Simulator offers exceptional tactile realism, articulation and metrics for better learner preparation. Use Fidelis to prepare learners for delivery complications, maternal emergencies and patient transport. Fidelity Redefined Emulated cardiotocograph (CTG) monitor displays maternal and fetal physiological data as well as an on-screen reproduction of the paper strip produced by real CTG printer. Fidelis is a Latin word meaning trustworthy and true. In medical simulation, fidelity means accuracy and realism in reproducing patients, medical...

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Human Patient Simulator The only simulator that truly breathes—for anesthesia, respiratory and critical care The Adult HPS and Pediatric HPS are the only human patient simulators on the market today that provide true respiratory gas exchange. The HPS interfaces with real clinical monitors and ventilators, and automatically responds to the administration of real anesthetic gases, oxygen therapy and medications. Reactive pupils Uptake and distribution of nitrous oxide and volatile anesthetics True gas exchange, with self-regulated rate and tidal volume to maintain a target arterial carbon dioxide...

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Patient Simulation MOUNT SINAI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE HELPS CENTER New York, USA Residents practice an anesthesia scenario at Mount Sinai School of Medicine HELPS Center Educator: Innovator At the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, Dr. Adam Levine directs simulation training for medical students, residents and physicians at all levels of practice in the Department of Anesthesiology’s HELPS (Human Emulation, Education and Evaluation Lab for Patient Safety) Center. An early adopter of human patient simulation, the Department of Anesthesiology founded the lab in the spring of 1994 with...

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Trauma patient simulator for point-of-injury care Environmental conditions in combat or “point of injury” situations can be hostile and make emergency care demanding. Rugged, durable and water-resistant, Caesar is a trauma patient simulator that can be used in different types of terrain, climates and other challenging elements. Caesar is wireless and can be operated remotely with the easy-to-use Müse interface. Durable airway supports most adjuncts for intubation, bagging and cricothyrotomy Vocalizations have a 400-foot range Water-resistant for hazardous material and decontamination exercises...

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