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iStan ® Patient Simulator - 2 Pages

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iStan ® Patient Simulator
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Catalogue excerpts

iStan® Patient Simulator Maximum mobility, ultimate performance There’s high fidelity, tetherless technology. Then there’s high fidelity, tetherless technology on another level. iStan set a precedent for patient simulation by combining true physiological modeling with high fidelity, wireless technology. This remarkably innovative simulator delivers more mobility, more features, more scenarios, and more battery life. Engineered for ultimate performance, iStan is certified for inflight use aboard major military aircraft and boasts high quality features including flail chest, trismus, cyanosis, central IV lines, and decreased range of cervical motion. When it’s time for simulation iStan gives you more possibilities, so you have the freedom to do amazing things.

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Technical Specifications Standard Equipment iStan wireless mannequin Instructor’s laptop Muse operating software TouchPro wireless patient monitor 6 patients 14 Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) 4 SCE development licenses 4 CO2 canisters Mannequin tool kit Electronic user guide CAE Assurance plan with Free Training for Life Optional Equipment Ruggedized, metal bones mannequin Tablet PC Additional battery pack Additional CO2 canisters FX Simulated Wound Kit ICP Hands-free cable kit Optional Software Learning Applications (More than 15 modules available) Pharmacology Editor Mannequin 6-foot,...

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