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METIman ® Patient Simulator - 2 Pages

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METIman ® Patient Simulator
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Catalogue excerpts

METIman® Patient Simulator More innovation for more disciplines Essential features, essential scenarios, essentially awesome, METIman is the perfect companion for patient simulation. Not only does METIman have the wireless, high fidelity technology you expect but we let you decide what features matter most. CAE Healthcare gives you the option to choose from the Prehospital or Nursing model so you get everything you want and everything you need – at the same price. Learners can perfect intubation skills and perform needle decompression with the Prehospital model, while the Nursing model lets learners perform gastric lavage and subclavian IV injections. With METIman, CAE Healthcare ensures you get the perfect combination of features to meet your learning objectives.

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Technical Specifications Standard Equipment METIman wireless mannequin Instructor’s workstation (choice of Mac or Tablet PC) Muse operating software TouchPro wireless patient monitor 2 patients profiles 4 Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) 4 SCE development licenses (Mac and PC compatible) Mannequin tool kit 4 CO2 canisters Electronic user guide CAE Assurance with Free Training for Life Optional Equipment Tablet PC Additional battery pack Additional CO2 canisters FX Simulated Wound Kit FX Simulated limb injuries Hands-free cable kit Wall Air Kit Optional Software Learning Applications (More...

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