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NeuroVR - 2 Pages

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The future of neurosurgical training Today's neurosurgery residents face time restrictions in acquiring technical skills and proficiencies before they operate on real patients. Practicing neurosurgeons are challenged to meet the growing certification requirements and master new techniques. With NeuroVR, both residents and surgeons can practice open cranial and endoscopic brain surgery skills and procedures in a realistic training environment. NeuroVR replicates an open neurosurgical procedure, including the stereoscopic view and ergonomics of an operating room microscope. The simulator captures objective metrics on technique, performance, and completion time. With modules ranging from fundamental instrument handling to tumor resection and meningioma, NeuroVR allows self-directed practice in a risk-free environment, resulting in reduced medical errors and better patient outcomes. Elevate neurosurgery training to a new level • See lifelike renderings of brain tissue, blood vessels and tumors • Hear realistic sounds from instruments • Feel tactile feedback at your fingertips A technology solution developed by the National Research Council Canada

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Modules available with NeuroVR Instrument handling • Suction • Ultrasonic aspirator • Bipolar forceps • Microscissors Endoscopic surgery • Sphenoid ostium drilling • Ethmoidectomy • ETV floor perforation Microsurgery • Meningioma (3 cases) • Glioma Fundamental skills • Burr hole selection • Endoscopic ventricular landmarks • Endoscopic ventricular test • Endoscopic nasal navigation • Nasal debridement • Hemostasis (3 cases) • Tumor debulking (4 cases) • Tumor resection (2 cases) • Fiber exposure and cutting • Aneurysm exposure About NeuroVR In 2008, the National Research Council of Canada initiated...

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