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PediaSIM® - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Childlike appearance, validated physiology CAE Healthcare designed the PediaSIM to provide advanced pediatric simulation training so healthcare providers can perform at their best in pediatric critical care. PediaSIM represents a six-year old patient with a comprehensive set of education features for trauma, nursing, and emergency response care. Learners can practice and achieve mastery in a range of pediatric critical interventions, including needle cricothyrotomy, chest tube insertion and airway adjunct management. With PediaSIM, you get the same level of validated physiology and features you’ve come to expect from our adult simulators, allowing your learners to gain advanced skills and competency in pediatric care. Pediatric learning modules available for EMS and nursing

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Technical Specifications Standard Equipment PediaSIM manikin Instructor's workstation Muse software 2 patients 6 Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) Power and Communications Unit 4 SCE development licenses TouchPro wireless patient monitor Portable air compressor Electronic user guide CAE Assurance value plan with customer and technical support, Training for Life™ and option to renew PediaSIM HPS Option The PediaSIM HPS includes ail of the same features of the standard PediaSIM with the added ability to support anesthesia and respiratory care. PediaSIM supports the use of anesthesia and medical...

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