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sales@caehealthcare.com VirtaMed PelvicSim™ - 2 Pages

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sales@caehealthcare.com VirtaMed PelvicSim™
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Catalogue excerpts

VirtaMed PelvicSim™ Virtual reality training simulator for gynecology trainingNEW Highest realism ■ Pelvic model creates the sensation of treating a real Customized training ■ Large variety of different patient cases ■ Live performance feedback Original instruments ■ Using real lUDs optimally prepares for actual patients ParaGard® devices available ■ Includes uterine sound, Swiss engineering ■ Easy switch between ante- verted and retroverted uteri ■ Compatible with VirtaMed hysteroscopy training

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Gynecology training modules on PelvicSim™ Uterine sounding 3 virtual patients for uterine sounding include anteverted and retroverted uterine cavities, as well as nulliparous and parous patient cases. Trainees can use a speculum and manipulate the version and flexion of the uterus with a tenaculum forceps. The ghost tools of the new simulator feature SimProctor™ show correct movements and positions while giving visual and colored hints. A unique patient comfort scale gives doctors feedback on how the patient feels during the entire procedure. After completing the guided procedure, trainees can...

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