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VirtaMed HystSim™ - 2 Pages

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VirtaMed HystSim™
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Catalogue excerpts

VirtaMed HystSim™ Virtual reality training simulator for hysteroscopy Photorealistic graphics Bleedings & complications Pelvic model creates the sensation of treating a real patient More than 50 different pathologies available SimProctor™ for guided training Live performance feedback Using original tools eases transfer of skills to the OR Includes a resectoscope and a hysteroscope with working channel Speculum and tenaculum Height-adjustable Easy transportation 23‘‘ multi touch monitor

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Hysteroscopy training modules on HystSim™ Essential skills 8 basic skill training cases enable trainees to perform first steps in diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy. The use of original instruments for the training on the simulator eases a transfer of motor skills from simulation to the OR. The VirtaMed essential hysteroscopy skills module uses SimProctor™, a unique simulator feature guiding trainees by giving visual hints, tips and tricks to improve performance. Cases vary from basic exercises such as correct access, navigation, or uterine distension, to more advanced training. The cases include...

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