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BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision - 2 Pages

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BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision
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Catalogue excerpts

Caesarea Medical Electronics BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™ HBO Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump Reliable infusion therapy that increases patient access to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapies*. Built with patient safety in mind, the BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™ overcomes the increased baseline pressure in an HBO mono-chamber reducing nuisance alarms and enabling safe and reliable infusions in a wide variety of cases. With BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™, going into an HBO therapy isn’t a challenge anymore. • HBO compatible • Parenteral • Intravenous • Subcutaneous • Percutaneous • Intra-Arterial Total Parenteral Nutrition Critical care Fluid replacements Chronic pain management Features & Benefits Safety & Security Flexible Configuration Infusion Programs: • Continuous • 25-Steps • TPN • Intermittent • PCA • Drug Library HBO Compatible Cleared for use in mono-chamber Hyperbaric environments HBO Suitable Occlusion Pressure Setting Up to 2070mmHg or 40psi for alarm free sessions. Supports Multiple Languages Over 20 languages available to meet your needs and preferences. 0.1 - 1200 ml/h Flow Rates Extra-wide range to serve a variety of infusion regimens. Piston Mechanism Delivers ± 5% accuracy and 1.8µl linear infusion even at low flow rates using dedicated infusion sets.** Fully Programmable Drug Library Reduces clinician error while speeding up treatment set-up. Enable drugs for specific care units to easily navigate your relevant drug list. Drug Limit Setting Determine hard & soft limits to be adhered to by clinician. High Resolution Color Screen A large multi colored display with exceptional contrast level lets you read all relevant infusion data on a single screen. Pre-Detection of Increases in Downstream Line Pressure Helps the clinician to detect potential catheter problems at an earlier stage. EMR Ready Connect to Electronic Medical Record systems to increase safety and optimize clinical workflow. Mount up to 3 Pumps Increase drug delivery throughput with MultiDock™ to meet patients’ clinical needs. Rechargeable or Disposable Batteries Choose a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery or a standard 9V (x2) disposable battery pack. Ease of Use Pump operation similar to all BodyGuard infusion pumps. Post Occlusion Bolus Reduction System Prevents delivery of false boluses following a downstream occlusion event. BodyComm™ Software Review patient history with charts and up to 2000 events log or manage pump settings on your PC. Use Standard Bags or Syringes as Your Medication Reservoirs Reduce your cost of disposables. 3-Level Access Codes Prevent accidental or unauthorized program changes. Built-In Free Flow Protection CME administration sets include an integrated anti-siphon valve to meet JCAHO guidelines * The BodyGuard 323HB Color Vision™ is CE marked for use with HBO mono-chambers only. The pump is not to be used with any other application outside a Hyperbaric Department. ** Pump delivery accuracy may fluctuate significantly during compression and decompression intervals; both intervals typically balance each other.

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Technical Specification BodyGuard 323HB ColorVision™ Piston Mechanism Infusion Modes Continuous 25-Steps TPN Intermittent PCA Drug Library Bolus Infusion PCA and Drug Library Continuous + Bolus Delay Before Start Time/Volume Mode Patient ID Input Concentration Units Flow Rate Accuracy Flow Rate Range Primary & Piggy (Secondary) Adjustable Maximum Rate Programmable Infusion Time Volume to be Infused Primary & Piggy (Secondary) KVO Rate Resume on Restart Ultrasonic Air Sensor Single Bubble Accumulated Air-in-Line Occlusion Pressure Pressure Sensor Mechanism Actual Pressure Display & Graph Post-Occlusion...

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