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Catalogue excerpts

Multi Therapy Solutions Caesarea Medical Electronics

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BodyGuard 323 Color Vision™ Advanced Multi Therapy Infusion Pump Join the frontline of infusion therapy with BodyGuard 323 Color Vision™, the latest multi-purpose infusion technology from CME. Based on proven BodyGuard™ technology, the 323 Color Vision™ incorporates outstanding features such as large color screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and full drug library with automatic calculation of drug concentration. Total Parenteral Nutrition Critical care Patient transport Emergency medicine Fluid replacements Lipids Enzyme replacements Chronic pain management Features & Benefits Infusion Program: • Continuous...

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BodyGuard 323™ Multi Therapy Infusion Pump Deliver the widest range of care you’ll find in one infusion pump. Programmable for antibiotics, chemotherapy, TPN and PCA, the BodyGuard 323™ pump equips you with many therapeutic options. The compact, competitively-priced BodyGuard 323™ pump fits wherever you deliver care. Use it pole-mounted at bedside or at a home environment. Total Parenteral Nutrition Critical care Patient transport Emergency medicine Fluid replacements Lipids Enzyme replacements Chronic pain management Parenteral Intravenous Subcutaneous Percutaneous Intra-Arterial Features & Benefits Flexible...

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CMExpress™ Trim the complexity and cost of infusion therapy using the CMExpress™ Infusion Pump from CME. This stationary pump is designed especially for the oncology infusion suite or outpatient clinic. The CMExpress™ simplifies continuous infusion, saving you time and money in your busy practice. Plus, it uses CME administration sets that provide safe, accurate performance at an economical price. Hydration Pre-medication Chemotherapy Biotherapies Features & Benefits Multiple Infusion Programs for full treatment range: • Continuous • 25 Steps Multi-Step Ramping Mode Titrate rate and volume to...

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NOA 3™ The Care you Require The NOA 3TM enteral feeding pump is designed to control application of enteral nutrition. With its light weight, size, and integrated rechargeable battery the NOA 3TM increases mobility and quality of life for mobile patients; it also saves space bedside connected to a mains outlet with its pole-mount charger. • Enteral Nutrition • Enteral • Paediatric • Adults Features & Benefits 3 Modes of Operation for Full Treatment Range: • Rate • Rate/volume • Bolus – automatic; with set intervals Piston Mechanism Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8μl linear infusion even at low flow...

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Technical Specification BodyGuard 323 ColorVisionTM Piston Mechanism Infusion Modes Continuous 25-Steps TPN Intermittent PCA Drug Library Bolus Infusion PCA and Drug Library Continuous + Bolus Delay Before Start Time/Volume Mode Concentration Units Flow Rate Accuracy Flow Rate Range Primary & Piggy (Secondary) Adjustable Maximum Rate Programmable Infusion Time Volume to be Infused Primary & Piggy (Secondary) KVO Rate Resume on Restart Ultrasonic Air Sensor Single Bubble Accumulated Air-in-Line Occlusion Pressure Pressure Sensor Mechanism Actual Pressure Display & Graph Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction...

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CME Accessories Standard Life Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer, 1800mAh Pulse Oximetry For continuous monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate Extended Life Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer, 3600mAh Tabletop Charger Charges a standard/extended life battery 9V Battery Pack Holds two (2) 9V Alkaline batteries Bolus Cable Ergonomic bolus-dose delivery handset Wall Charger Alternate charger for ambulatory use Lockbox Safely secure the pump and medication (100/250/500 ml) Carry Bags • Waist or shoulder pouch for 100-250ml containers • 2 & 3 liter backpacks for TPN patients CME Disposables Over 200 set configurations...

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Intensive Care Outpatient Clinic Palliative Care Mobile Medicine Clinical Research Enteral Nutrition Caesarea Medical Electronics W E Toll Free +800-323-575-00

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