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Multi Therapy Solutions - 8 Pages

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Multi Therapy Solutions
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Catalogue excerpts

Program Volume 500 mL Volume Left 500 mL Volume Infused 0 mL Air Sensor    0.3 mL BODY/ GUARD' Caesarea Medical Electronics Color Vision infusion Pump Caesarea Medical Electronics

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Advanced Multi Therapy Infusion Pump Join the frontline of infusion therapy with BodyGuard 323 Color Vision™ the latest multi-purpose infusion technology from CME. Based on proven BodyGuard™ technology, the 323 Color Vision™ incorporates outstanding features such as targe color screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and fuff drug library with automatic calculation of drug concentration. A Intended Use • Parenteral • Intravenous • Subcutaneous • Percutaneous • Intra-Arterial A Applications Total Parenteral Nutrition Critical care Patient transport Emergency medicine Fluid replacements Lipids Enzyme replacements Chronic...

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BodyGuard 323™ Multi Therapy Infusion Pump Deliver the widest range of care you'll find in one infusion pump. Programmable for antibiotics, chemotherapy, TPN and PCA, the BodyGuard 323™ pump equips you with many therapeutic options. The compact, competitively-priced BodyGuard 323™ pump fits wherever you deliver care. Use it pole-mounted at bedside or at a home environment. Parenteral Intravenous Subcutaneous Percutaneous Intra-Arterial A Applications • Total Parenteral Nutrition • Critical care • Patient transport • Emergency medicine • Fluid replacements • Lipids • Enzyme replacements • Chronic...

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CMExpress™ Trim the complexity and cost of infusion therapy using the CMExpress™ Infusion Pump from CME. This stationary pump is designed especially for the oncology infusion suite or outpatient clinic. The CMExpress™ simplifies continuous infusion, saving you time and money in your busy practice. Plus, it uses CME administration sets that provide safe, accurate performance at an economical price. A Applications • Hydration • Pre-medication • Chemotherapy • Biotherapies A Intended Use • Intravenous • Subcutaneous • Percutaneous • Intra-Arterial Features & Benefits Multiple Infusion Programs for...

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The Care you Require The NOA 3™ enteral feeding pump is designed to control application of enteral nutrition. With its fight weight, size, and integrated rechargeable battery the NOA 3™ increases mobility and quality of fife for mobile patients; it also saves space bedside connected to a mains outlet with its pole-mount charger. A Applications • Enteral Nutrition Enteral • Paediatric • Adults Features & Benefits 3 Modes of Operation for Full Treatment Range: • Rate • Rate/volume • Bolus - automatic; with set intervals Piston Mechanism Delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8pl linear infusion even at low...

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Piston Mechanism Infusion Modes Continuous 25-Steps TPN Intermittent PCA Drug Library Bolus Infusion PCA and Drug Library Continuous + Bolus Delay Before Start Time/Volume Mode Concentration Units Flow Rate Accuracy Flow Rate Range Primary & Piggy (Secondary) Adjustable Maximum Rate Programmable Infusion Time Volume to be Infused Primary & Piggy (Secondary) KVO Rate Resume on Restart Ultrasonic Air Sensor Single Bubble Accumulated Air-in-Line Occlusion Pressure Pressure Sensor Mechanism Actual Pressure Display & Graph Post-Occlusion Bolus Reduction Pump Alarms/Alerts Air-in-Line Air/Up Occlusion Down...

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CME Accessories Standard Life Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer, 1800mAh Pulse Oximetry For continuous monitoring of SpO2 and pulse rate Extended Life Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer, 3600mAh Tabletop Charger Charges a standard/extended life battery 9V Battery Pack Holds two (2) 9V Alkaline batteries Bolus Cable Ergonomic bolus-dose delivery handset Wall Charger Alternate charger for ambulatory use Lockbox Safely secure the pump and medication (100/250/500 ml) Carry Bags • Waist or shoulder pouch for 100-250ml containers • 2 & 3 liter backpacks for TPN patients CME Disposables Over 200 set configurations...

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Outpatient Clinic Palliative Care Mobile Medicine Clinical Research Enteral Nutrition Caesarea Medical Electronics W www.cme-infusion.com E sales@cme-infusion.com Toll Free +800-323-575-00

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