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Desara Blue Sling System - 2 Pages

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Desara® Blue Sling System For Female Stress Incontinence Exceptional Visibility. Proven Performance. Unique Blue Mesh for Exceptional Visibility • Blue mesh allows for better physician visualization, compared to clear slings. • Utilizes same proven polypropylene material as Desara. • Type I large pore monofilament design with approximate pore size of 1000 microns to promote tissue in-growth and allow for macrophage movement. Excellent Mesh Integrity • Desara® Blue is engineered to lay flat when placed under tension. • Mesh does not fray or curl, offering stable and consistent support. Robust, Reusable Introducers • Available for multiple surgical approaches: transvaginal, suprapubic, transobturator outside-in and inside-out. • Surgical grade stainless steel for secure and reliable needle passage. • Universal Connection System enables easy sling attachment and removal, even intra-operatively. • nvironmentally friendly and provides procedural versatility, giving E surgeons the freedom to choose their approach. Tapered Tip and Sleek Sleeve Design • Designed to facilitate smooth tissue passage. • Removes easily, allowing for precise tension adjustment. • Centering gap guides placement. • Also available with overlapping sleeve. Available in Three Options to Meet your Needs • Original Desara® Blue. • Desara® Blue OV with overlapping sleeve. • Desara® Blue SS with short sutures (for TOT outside-in and suprapubic approaches only). Data on file at Caldera Medical. Desara® Blue Mesh: Before and after 5lbs of force applied

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Desara® Blue Sling System Exceptional Visibility. Proven Performance. Desara® Blue is designed to work with the full suite of Caldera Medical introducers, utilizing the Universal Connection System, offering surgeons the flexibility to choose multiple approaches. Desara® Blue Sling System for Female Stress Incontinence CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL CAL - DS01B Blue Sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence DS01BOV Blue Sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence with Overlapping Sleeve DS01BS Blue Sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence with Short Suture HL04 Transobturator...

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