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Desara Sling System - 4 Pages

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Desara Sling System
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Catalogue excerpts

Sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

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Flexible Performance. Integrity Assured. DESARA® SLING SYSTEM The unique design of Desara® delivers the open knit construction and increased stability that you demand, while providing the flexibility to meet your needs, in every case. Robust, Reusable Introducers • Available for multiple surgical approaches: transvaginal, suprapubic, transobturator outside-in and inside-out • Surgical grade stainless steel for secure and reliable needle passage • Environmentally friendly • Universal Connection System enables easy sling attachment and removal, even intra-operatively • Provides unparalleled versatility,...

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Excellent Mesh Integrity • Desara® mesh is engineered to lay flat when placed under tension • Mesh does not fray or curl, offering stable and controlled support • Designed to facilitate smooth tissue passage and reduce tissue trauma • New design reduces pull through force by 26% Sleek Sleeve Design • Slides smoothly through tissue • Removes easily, allowing for precise tension • Protects the mesh during implantation * Centering gap guides placement Large Pore Size • Amid Type I macroporous construction • Market accepted monofilament polypropylene force applied reduce tissue pore size Surgeons...

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Desara Sling System Flexible Performance. Integrity Assured. Desara® is designed to work with the full suite of Caldera Medical introducers, utilizing the Universal Connection System, offering surgeons the flexibility to choose any approach. Desara®System Ordering Information Less inventory space other slings Sling for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence Transobturator Helical Introducer, Left, Reusable Transobturator Helical Introducer, Right, Reusable Transobturator Large Helical Introducer, Left, Reusable Transobturator Large Helical Introducer, Right, Reusable Transobturator Inside-Out Introducer,...

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