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the Product Catalog brochure
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Catalog excerpts

Cardiac Science Product Catalog Featuring Cardiac Science™ and Criticare® products

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1984 1953 Wayne Quinton teams with Dr. Robert Bruce, developer of the first clinical protocol enabling consistent and repeatable cardiac testing at an elevated heart rate. Quinton invents the first mechanical treadmill expressly designed for this application. Together, these form the genesis of modern cardiac stress testing. Nine product generations later, Quinton products remain the industry’s gold standard. Criticare Systems Incorporated is founded. During the ’80s, Criticare pioneered SpO2 analysis and received several patents for its monitoring technologies. Criticare is acquired by Opto Circuits,...

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quality, noninvasive cardiac equipment Cardiac Science Cardiac Science is acquired by Opto Circuits. Criticare distributed through Cardiac Science sales channels. • STRESS TESTING EQUIPMENT 4 • PC-BASED ECG AND STRESS TESTING 12 Note: All part numbers shown In this catalog are for U.S. products that were manufactured to comply with AHA standards. All products shown herein are compatible with 120-volt outlets. We have models for countries throughout the world; please contact us for details

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Stress Testing Equipment Quinton® Q-Stress® Cardiac Stress System Dr. Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton invented modern cardiac stress testing. Generations later, the Q-Stress cardiac stress system is the industry’s gold standard. • Freeze Frame provides an instant replay of any ten-second ECG waveform to compare with live tracings. • Full disclosure reports let you capture and review every beat for absolute clinical confidence. • Optional reanalysis allows modification of original timing points to compensate for physiologic changes and motion artifacts. • Easy-to-customize summary reports, ramped...

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Cardiac Risk Assessment for Q-Stress Know your patient’s risk for sudden cardiac arrest by adding the unique Microvolt T-Wave Alternans™ (MTWA) testing system (United States only). It’s the most comprehensive cardiac risk-profiling system in the industry – and the only reimbursable one. Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress system is the industry’s gold standard. Order Number TM55 with e-Stop and rapid decel (High voltage) TM55 with e-Stop and rapid decel (Low voltage) TM65 with e-Stop and rapid decel (High voltage) TM65 with e-Stop and rapid decel (Low voltage) MTWA MTWA (T-Wave) patient module kit...

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Quinton 9500 Series Cardiac Stress Systems With its revolutionary design and wireless operation, the Quinton 9500 Series cardiac stress test system puts high-performance cardiac stress testing in a flexible, compact package. • Full disclosure in all 12 leads allows a beat-by-beat clinical evaluation. • Freeze Frame provides an instant replay of the entire test for analysis. • Scroll through completed tests with dynamically synchronized stress test analysis for more precise clinical evaluation of potential ischemia. • Our modern, flexible user interface gives you easy access to powerful tools to...

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The Quinton 9500’s revolutionary wall-mounted design makes the most of limited space.

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Quinton Eclipse™ Premier ECG The Quinton Eclipse Premier has everything a hospital needs for interpretive ECGs. It connects to hospital information systems and popular EHR systems. It allows clinicians to receive orders, instantly transmit test results, and quickly make a diagnosis. An optional wristband barcode scanner saves time and ensures accurate and reliable patient identification and documentation. • Full-size ECG cart. • 12-lead ECG acquisition. • Wireless 802.11 Ethernet networks and Pyramis (our flagship cardiac data management system for the hospital market) communication tools. • Stores...

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GRI algorithm snapshot provides interpretations based on five clinical criteria. We developed proprietary techniques to “clean” the ECG waveform before it’s analyzed by the GRI algorithm. Working directly with the University of Glasgow, we continually improve the GRI algorithm. • Industry-first five clinical criteria-based interpretive statements, including age, race, gender, medication, and clinical classification. • 64,000 sps data acquisition speed for superior pacer spike detection. • Industry-leading four QTc options for maximum clinical flexibility. • Pediatric and neonate interpretation...

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Burdick® 8500 ECG The Burdick 8500 ECG features a user-friendly interface, multi-angle 7-inch widescreen, adjustable protocol settings, and color display to make reading the continuous waveform data easy. • View continuous 3-, 6-, and 12-lead ECG on the color display. • Adjust the display for contrast and viewability. • Stores and exports up to 300 digital ECG records. • Reduce typing mistakes by downloading patient info from your EHR/HIS. • Enjoy an industry-leading, four-year warranty and service program for worry-free usage. • Uses the University of Glasgow GRI ECG interpretation algorithm. The...

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Burdick 8300 ECG The Burdick 8300 has a user-friendly interface and clear, readable 5.7-inch monochrome display to make reading data easy, with protocol choices designed to streamline your work flow. • Manual or automatic 3-, 4-, 6-, and 12-lead ECG printouts. • Standard with wired Ethernet and compatible with wireless 802.11. • Stores up to 50 ECGs. • Bi-directional communication for connection with EHR. The Burdick 8300 offers performance, connectivity, reliability, and workflow similar to the 8500 at a more economical price. • AccuPrint feature restricts ECG printing if lead wires are not properly...

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PC-based ECG and Stress Testing CareCenter MD PC-Based ECG and Stress Testing CareCenter MD is a handheld, PC-based diagnostic workstation, perfect for resting ECG and stress testing. • Bluetooth® wireless 12-lead ECG or stress testing acquisition between patient and workstation. Bring safety, comfort, and confidence to your patients and staff. • One-button navigation provides an easy-to-learn graphical user interface, common for all modalities. • Hook-up verification screen provides at-a-glance indication of proper electrode hook-up for better ECG accuracy. • Connections to leading EHRs and other...

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