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Cassini Product Brochure

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REFRACTIVE OUTCOMES When it comes to managing astigmatism, posterior curvature matters • Multi colored LED point-to-point ray tracing In Koch et al., anterior corneal measurements underestimated Total Corneal Astigmatism (TCA) by 0.22 D @ 180° and exceeded 0.50 D in 5% of eyes1 Selecting toric IOLs based on anterior corneal measurements alone could lead to overcorrection in eyes that have WTR astigmatism and undercorrection in eyes that have ATR astigmatism1 TOTAL CORNEAL ASTIGMATISM (TCA) 2nd Purkinje point-to-point ray tracing Combines the contributions of the anterior and posterior...

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Cassini provides DATA YOU CAN TRUST For every degree of misalignment, about 3% of the toric IOL cylinder power is lost. Cassini provides the axis ±3°2 Don’t be caught off guard by the POSTERIOR CORNEAL ASTIGMATISM Cassini’s pre-op analysis takes the mystery out of managing astigmatism Identify more patients eligible for astigmatism correction and increase your premium procedure volume Select the optimal toric IOL power with confidence based on Cassini’s highly accurate TCA measurement Place toric IOLs or arcuate incisions for optimal effect with Cassini axis measu

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True Axis • Multicolor LED imaging combined with 2nd Purkinje imaging technology • Anterior Axis repeatability within 3 degrees2 True Magnitude • Diopter range 4.00D – 171.00D (Anterior) • Display K-values per zone 3/5/7/9mm (Anterior) • Keratometric indices display in D (diopters) or mm (millimeters) True Capture • Auto Capture with joystick positioning • Measurement Quality Factor parameter • Auto pupil detection • Topographic indices - E (shape factor), e (eccentricity), Q (asphericity), p (form factor) • Keratoconus indices - SAI (Surface Asymmetry Index), SRI (Surface Regularity Index)...

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