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ClearView® Uterine Manipulator Optimal visualization. Complete uterine control. ClearView is an innovative, completely disposable, uterine manipulator. It provides surgeons with optimal visibility and complete uterine control during laparoscopic procedures. With its pivot point at the cervical os, ClearView provides 120° anteversion, 90° retroversion, as well as lateral movement; for the greatest motion range of any uterine manipulator. No tenaculum is required for insertion; and with the patient in the preferred supine position; ClearView's light weight, balanced-design is self-holding, eliminating the need for an assistant. Product Number / Order Information Greatest Range of Motion: 120°/ anteversion / 90° Optimal Patient Position Maximum manipulation with the patient in the preferred supine position as opposed to the lithotomy position required by other devices. No Assistant Needed The rotating handle provides one-handed surgeon control w/o breaking the sterile barrier or needing an assistant. Rotating Control Handle

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ClearView® Benefits Pivot at the Cervical os & Greatest Range of Motion Having the pivot at the cervical os increases mobility and visibility. ClearView provides a full 210° of articulation for unmatched exposure. No Assistant Needed The pivot at the cervical os, wide range of motion and light-weight design allow the ClearView to be moved into position and left, freeing the hands of the surgeon and eliminating the need for an assistant. One-Handed Control The rotating control handle facilitates one-handed control, enabling the surgeon to manipulate the uterus through the drape without...

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