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Task Force Monitor

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TASK FORCE" MONITOR A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF INNOVATIVE AND GOLD STANDARD METHODS -FULLY SYNCHRONIZED > CNAP® - continuous noninvasive arterial pressure > high-fidelity blood pressure waveform > real time systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure > double finger sensors for output reliability > NBP - brachial blood pressure via standard upper arm cuff > ECG - high resolution 3-lead, 6-channel display > CNCO® - continuous noninvasive cardiac output > real time cardiac output and stroke volume using thoracic impedance. > Online Display > graphic and numeric display of patient parameters and...

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NONINVASIVE AND CONTINUOUS EVALUATION OF RAPID AND SHORT-TERM CHANGES IN HEMODYNAMICS AND AUTONOMIC FUNCTION YOUR ADVANTAGE ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN >>one device - one click to start test >>unique combination of innovative methods and gold standards allows for full hemodynamic and autonomic assessment CONTINUOUS FOR EVERY HEARTBEAT >>enables early detection of rapid and short-term changes in hemodynamics NONINVASIVE SETUP >>easy-to-use sensors >>reuseable arm and finger cuffs >>disposable electrodes PROVEN TESTING QUALITY >>all signals are synchronized and in real-time >>hands-free data recording...

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CNAP® – CONTINUOUS NONINVASIVE ARTERIAL PRESSURE Measuring range 30 - 250 mmHg; Heart rate: up to 150 bpm Additional NBP – oscillometric blood pressure scaling to brachial pressure (upper arm), accuracy +/- 5 mmHg NBP – OSCILLOMETRIC BLOOD PRESSURE Measuring range 50 - 250 mmHg Accuracy meets ANSI/AAMI SP10:1992 and 2002 ECG - ELECTRO CARDIOGRAPHY Channels /display 3 leads, 6 channel display Measuring range +/- 5 mV Sampling frequency 1000 Hz Accuracy +/- 5 µV CNCO® - CONTINUOUS NONINVASIVE CARDIAC OUTPUT THROUGH IMPEDANCE CARDIOGRAPHY (ICG) Patient measuring current/ frequency < 400µA RMS/...

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