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"Evolution" and "innovation" are the words which better fit to our last

endoral x-ray system MAX70 HF/DC.

This unit is the new reference point in the dental field.

ERGONOMICS is the core of new MAX70 design.

The new single pantograph arm can move in a range of 92°

with respect to the bracket and therefore allows to move the

tubehead in the same positions than a standard double pan-

tograph arm, with less efforts and with less vertical impedi-

ment when in rest position, even reaching 200 cm of maxi-

mum extension (with the 120 cm bracket).

The master control is free from the body of the unit and, thanks

to very thin special cables, it is possible to install it in the prefer-

red place. MAX70 is equipped with connectors for remote con-

trols (keys, buttons) and is prearranged for the wireless remo-

te control SHOTMAX (optional).

Cleaning is easy thanks to the absence of soft parts (bellows)

and to the smoothness of the shapes.

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    ECOLOGY 7110 new model of MAX7° HF/DC wai dei- gned and manufactured according to the current regulations, but CSN wanted to go over in order...
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