Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor TM-2430 - 2 Pages

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
■ 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
■ Light weight & compact size
■ Oscillometric measuring method
■ Battery Power (3 alkaline or Ni-Cd/Ni-MH "AA")
■ Data output to computer or printer
■ RS-232C Connectivity
Doctor Pro3
Blood Pressure
Analysis Software
■ Setting up all the parameters
■ Various formats of graphs for
further diagnoses
♦ Trend
♦ Correlation
♦ Histograms
♦ Circadian rhythm analysis
♦ Hyperbalic index analysis
Technology You Can Trust
Reg.-Nr. 2180200/QM/12.97
DIN EN ISO 13485:03

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor TM-2430
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    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor TM-2430The TM-2430 is a compact & lightweight ambulatory blood pressure monitor that incorporates our latest technologygained...
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