A&D Medical General Catalog 2015 - 40 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

s your blood pressure measurement accurate? Many factors affect your blood pressure and cause you to register different blood pressure measurements throughout the day; smoking, drinking coffee, obesity or even the nervousness you experience at the doctor’s office. To obtain an accurate blood pressure measurement, physicians recommend that you periodically take your blood pressure measurement at different times of the day. This is not only an important part of “preventive medicine,” but it provides vital information for your physician to diagnose your condition and monitor the effectiveness of...

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Our Company as a Qualified Manufacturer of Medical Devices Quality system A&D products conform to numerous design and manufacturing standards. In addition, to conform to stringent global requirements in Japan and abroad, we received our ISO 9001 Quality System Certification in 1995. An additional certification is required for designing and manufacturing medical devices – ISO 13485. In 2004 we also received our certification for system qualification, which assures our excellence in providing medical devices to EU countries. By complying with these requirements, we are proud to display the CE marking...

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1. Long History of Our Innovation 1987 Ambulatory blood pressure memory tracking 2009 The World's First Continua UA_767PBT_C onnn The World's First Continua 3nrroT p 2009 certified Health Scale UC-321PBT-C 2011 Painless SmoothFit Cuff This is a chronology of our innovative technologies over the last 30 years. A&D Medical has continued to be a leader in blood pressure monitors. We welcome new challenges for future innovations. 2. Worldwide Sales Network A&D SCALES CO., LTD.* t&D Company, Limited A&D TECHNOLOGY TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.* A&D is famous as one of the largest blood pressure monitor...

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Reasons to Choose A&D Medical 3. Professional Technology Categories of Blood Pressure Monitor ICT helps connect A&D blood pressure monitors with customers’ devices to improve their health management and create new business (Office Blood Pressure Monitoring) (Home Blood Pressure Monitoring) (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring) A&D is the only manufacturer which can cover all three categories in the industry. Our fundamental HBPM technology comes from OBPM and ABPM professional products. Clinical Validations A&D thinks ‘Accuracy’ should be of prime importance in using a blood pressure monitor...

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Reasons to Choose A&D Medical Clinical Validation List of A&D Blood Pressure Monitors Professional BPM Model No. Palatini P, Frigo G, Bertolo O, Roman E, Da Cortà R, Winnicki M. Validation of the A&D TM-2430 device for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and evaluation of performance according to subjects' characteristics. Blood Pressure Monitoring, 1998, 3: 255-260 Yip GW, So HK, Li AM, Tomlinson B, Wong SN, Sung RY. Validation of the A&D TM-2430 upper-arm blood pressure monitor for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in children and adolescents, according to the British Hypertension Society...

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Definitions of logo World Class Monitor A&D is a Japanese manufacturer of WORLD CLASS blood pressure monitors with industry-leading accuracy and ease-of-use Japanese Quality & Design All A&D Medical products are designed in Japan and quality is assured under our corporate quality standards. Bridging Home & Hospital A&D bridges Home & Hospital by providing both Home Health Care and Professional Medical products for customers. A&D’s quality wireless Telemedicine products are being used in the home environment safely and reliably under the Bridging Home & Hospital connectivity project. Triple A Technology...

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Professional Lines Professional Blood Pressure Monitors Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer The UM-101 mercury-free sphygmomanometer opens up a completely new era of professional blood pressure measurement. In 1905, Dr. Nikolai S. Korotkov introduced his theory of blood pressure measurement using the Riva-Rocci mercury monitor. Since then, blood pressure measurement using the mercury column has been reigned as the gold standard of blood pressure measurement, and his method known as the “Korotkov method” or “auscultatory method” is used for daily blood pressure monitoring by healthcare professionals...

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Professional Lines Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors NEW The TM-2657P is the latest model in the acclaimed TM-2655 range of freestanding fully automatic blood pressure monitors, whose groundbreaking designs have been well received and have created many new applications, places of use, and new markets. The main reasons for the high reputation of the TM-2655 series are their fast and accurate measurement, compact profile, ease-of-use, and durability. The new TM-2657P has been superbly styled in Japan, having a slim and compact shape with increased printout...

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Professional Lines Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors The TM-2430 is a compact & lightweight ambulatory blood pressure monitor, which incorporates our technological knowledge gained from over 20 years experience in the manufacturing of ambulatory BPMs. This monitor was validated in accordance with BHS protocol and its accuracy was proven to be A/A. The portable TM-2430 can be easily taken anywhere with a patient. Disposable cuff (Air hose adapter is necessary) ■ 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring ■ Light weight & compact size (156g*, 72(W) x 27(H) x...

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Professional Lines Medical Weighing Scales / Non-Invasive BP Modules Precision Scale The AD-6121A precision scale was designed for professional use with slim & compact functions in mind. A low profile of only 57mm makes it easily accessible for patients and its 100g resolution can display small differentiations in weight. This precision scale weighs only 3 kg so it can be easily carried to a suitable location for patient weighing and its compact size means that it can be easily stored under a patient’s bed. ■ EC Type approved Class III ■ Standard uni-directional RS-232C ■ 100 g resolution and...

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