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UM Series
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Catalogue excerpts

Professional Blood Pressure Monitors

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Minamata Convention on Mercury In October 2013, The 'Minamata Convention on Mercury' was adopted in Minamata city (in Japan where serious health incident occurred as a result of mercury pollution in the mid-20th Century). I Under this treaty, the manufacture, import or export of mercury and mercury •contained equipment will be prohibited globally in 2020. me 'Minamata Convention on Mercury' requires Mercury Blood Pressure Monitors have to be phased out. A&D Medical is Responding to 'Mercury-Free Era5 Under the global movement towards Mercury-Free products, replacing Mercury Blood Pressure Monitors...

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Professional Blood Pressure Monitors biooa pressure Monitors Durability & Easy-to-Clean The body and cuff of the UM Series are chemical resistant and easy to clean with the antiseptic solutions (such as ethanol, chlorhexidine gluconate Fits Various Patients The newly designed professional cuff of the UM Series ranges from SS to LL (5 sizes), 12cm to 50cm Cuff Size Small Adult 16cm to 24cm CUF-KW-SA Large Adult 31cm to 45cm CUF-KW-LA "Adult. Large Adult and Small Adult (3 sizes) are available for use with UM-201. Easy to Store & Easy to Carry In order to safely and securely carry the device, a...

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Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer In 2005, A&D developed the world's first hybrid* traditional style sphygmomanometer. UM-102 is the 2nd generation model in this category. Two separate versions of the UM-102 are available. We provide a standard portable model as well as a dual-use model. •Mercury-Free + Auscultatory Measurement + Digital Display ♦ Auscaltory blood pressure measurement ♦ Digital readout for pulse rate ♦ Cuff holder and grip for carrying ♦ Durable and chemical resistant body ♦ Full ABS housing light weight body ♦ Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use ♦ Adjustable...

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All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor UM-211 is designed for multipurpose use in hospitals. This model is availaPle for dual measurement mode (auscultatory mode with use of the stethoscope and oscillometry mode), ♦ Dual measurement mode (Auscultatory and Oscillometric) ♦ Cuff holder and grip for carrying ♦ Durable and chemical resistant body ♦ Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use ♦ Large LCD display with backlight ♦ Rechargeable battery (300 measurements at full charged) ♦ Adjustable inflation pressure (AUTO/220/250/280) ♦ Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator ♦ Room temperature...

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Product picture External Dimensions B-type with optional stand Auscultatory measurement with Oscillometry measurement Auscultatory measurement with Pulse: 40 - 180 beats / minute Pulse: 40 - 180 beats / minute Power supply Battery life Memory storage Storage conditions Approx. 520g (Unit without Battery) Approx 540g (Unit without Battery) Approx. 480g (Unit without Battery) Approx. 550g (Unit without Battery) Adult Cuff (22-32cm), Rubber Bulb Unit, 2 x Adult Cuff (22-32cm), 4 x AA Batteries Adult Cuff (22-32cm), Battery Pack, CUF-KW-LA: Large Adult Cuff (31-45cm) CUF-KW-A: Adult Cuff (22-32cm) CUF-KW-SA:...

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