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Food Safety catalog - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

FOOD SAFETY To Share Is To Enjoy CHINA Daan Gene Co., Ltd. Of Sun Yat-Sen University 19 Xiangshan Road, Science Park, High & New Technology Development District, Guangzhou, GuangDong, P. R. China, 510665 Tel: +86 20 32290789 Fax: +86 20 32068352 Marketing Email: marketing@daangene.com Sales Email: orders@daangene.com Website: http://en.daangene.com CANADA Daan Diagnostics Ltd. #200- 5050 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C., Canada, V5H 4H2 Tel: 604.451.7588 Fax: 604.451.7587 Email: orders@daangene.com Website: http://www.daandiagnostics.com

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Item Fruit Meat Product Rice freshness, liquid paraffin in aged rice, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate, benzoyl peroxide, aflatoxin B1, etc. Enzyme inhibition rate method. Physicochemical chromogenic method Pesticide residues, nitrite, nitrate, etc. About 15 minutes (including pretreatment) Physicochemical chromogenic method. Aflatoxin: colloidal gold test card About 15 minutes (including pretreatment) Meat moisture test: test paper. Clenbuterol / ractopamine: colloidal gold test card. Another physicochemical chromogenic method Water-injected meet, nitrite, borax, clenbuterol, racto-pamine, volatile...

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Portable Pesticide Residue Rapid Detector (DY-PR-10p) Formaldehyde Detection Instrument (DY-3000) Main Parameters Automation: using intelligent control system, the analyzer is affiliated with functions of setting, autosave, auto-print, etc. Intuitive readings: 5.7'' and color LCD screen, intuitive to read. Simple operation: easy to operate and suitable for non-professionals to use in the rapid detection of processing or exchange-site. High accuracy: using the special light source, wavelength has good accuracy and repeatability, which can comprehensively improve the accuracy of testing results. Range...

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Food Safety Products DA-F-RF 004 Food Safety Products Fructose and glucose (honey) rapid detection kit Rice freshness rapid detection kit Liquid paraffin in aged rice rapid detection kit Mineral oil addition rapid detection kit Moisture content (honey) rapid detection kit Starch (honey) rapid detection kit Peanut oil adulteration rapid detection kit Honey acidity rapid detection kit Sesame oil purity rapid detention kit Residual chlorine content rapid detection kit Benzoyl peroxide in flour rapid detection kit Saccharin sodium (beverage) rapid detection kit Recycled cooking oil rapid screening...

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