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Liquid-based Preparation System Catalog - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Liquid-based Preparation System To Share Is To Enjoy CHINA Daan Gene Co., Ltd. Of Sun Yat-Sen University 19 Xiangshan Road, Science Park, High & New Technology Development District, Guangzhou, GuangDong, P. R. China, 510665 Tel: +86 20 32290789 Fax: +86 20 32068352 Marketing Email: marketing@daangene.com Sales Email: orders@daangene.com Website: http://en.daangene.com CANADA Daan Diagnostics Ltd. #200- 5050 Kingsway, Burnaby, B.C., Canada, V5H 4H2 Tel: 604.451.7588 Fax: 604.451.7587 Email: orders@daangene.com Website: http://www.daandiagnostics.com

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Liquid-based Cytology Settlement-Slide Preparation and Dyeing System Intended use Liquid-based cytology settlement slide processing and dyeing machine (hereinafter referred to as slide processing and dyeing machine) removes interference components in sample through a dedicated filter, produces and stains cells in batches and produce thin layer for pathological diagnosis, applicable for cell pathological test. Advantages Separation & Extraction Technique Centrifugally separation the blood and mucus from specimens, and extract cells and diagnostic components. Gravity-driven Sedimentation Technique...

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The Comparison Between LBP and Pap Smear Specimen treatment Slide preparation and staining Clear slide background and diagnostic clues. Equal cell distribution and flat thin-layer. Unequal cell distribution with uneven together into masses or pieces, which will interfere diagnosis. Cell structure The specific preservative solution can give good preservation for the integrated structure of cell. Reasonable adjustment of HP value can get endochylema, cytoplasm and nucleolus stained to be clear, which helps to identify the benign & malignant of cells and cellular components from different sources. Since...

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The Comparison Between LBP and TCT on Preparation Process The Comparison Between LBP and TCT Under Microscope LBP LBP Specimen collection The head of brush sampler directly preserved in the specimen vial, 100% cells are used for preparation. After washing brush sampler, discard the brush head, which will cause the loss of at least 37% cells. Specimen separation and extraction Directly filtrate cells with membrane filter. The blood and mucus in specimen will block up membrane filter, which causes insufficient number of cells on the slide, even blank slide. At the same time, the mucus adhered to...

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Liquid-based Preparation Consumables Configuration List Reagent Name Cell preservation solution Number Reagent Name Picture Number Reagent Name Centrifuge tube Special urine Centrifuge tube Soft suction Slide staining Special filter Glass slide Mucus diluent

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