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Air conditioners, Heating & Cooling - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Air conditioners, Heating & Cooling B i d d l e a i r c u r t a i n fo r co n n e c t i o n to d a i k i n h e a t p u m p s www.daik in.eu

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Daikin Europe N.V. DAIKIN, THE COMPANY BIDDLE, THE COMPANY Daikin has a worldwide reputation based on almost 85 years’ experience in the successful manufacture of high quality air conditioning equipment for industrial, commercial and residential use. Biddle is an internationally renowned company with more than 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing and marketing of innovative outdoor/indoor climate separation equipment. Throughout its long history the company has made its name in engineering advanced custom made solutions for retail, industrial and public sector buildings. Daikin quality Daikin’s...

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BENEFITS OF DAIKIN HEAT PUMPS 1 The solution for those with an eye to the future SELECTION OF A BIDDLE AIR CURTAIN 3 Entering cold air through natural ventilation 10 Strenght of air curtain not only determined by airdisplacementl 1 BENEFITS OF BIDDLE AIR CURTAINS CONNECTED TO DAIKIN HEAT PUMPS_ WHICH SYSTEM OFFERS ME THE BEST SOLUTION? 1 I need an air curtain and heating, And/or cooling, And/or ventilation 2 I only need an air curtain INTEGRATING YOUR BIDDLE AIR CURTAIN INTO A DAIKIN HEAT PUMP SYSTEM_U BIDDLE COMFORT AIR CURTAIN SPECIFICATIONS WHICH AIR CURTAIN OFFERS ME THE BEST SOLUTION? 7 1...

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BENEFITS OF DAIKIN HEAT PUMPS THE SOLUTION FOR THOSE WITH AN EYE TO THE FUTURE DID YOU KNOW THAT HIVRV ®... › Means variable refrigerant volume › Is the industry leader with several unique products › Is a rapid response system in which up to 64 indoor units can operate on the same refrigerant circuit › Integrates air conditioning, Heat pumps are used to extract calories (heat) contained in the outside air, even in cold weather. Using a compressor, they are capable of very effectively heating offices, commercial spaces, hotels and any other application. The only input that heat pumps require to...

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BENEFITS OF BIDDLE AIR CURTAINS CONNECTED TO DAIKIN HEAT PUMPS Biddle air curtains provide highly efficient solutions for retailers and consultants to combat the issue of climate separation ‘OPEN DOOR’ TRADING Although the customer friendly aspects of open door trading are widely appreciated by retail and commercial outlet managers, open doors can also give rise to massive losses in warm air and hence, energy. Biddle air curtains however, not only preserve indoor warmth and generate significant economies, they also represent an INVITATION FOR CUSTOMERS to enter a pleasant trading and working environment.....

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WHICH SYSTEM OFFERS ME THE BEST SOLUTION? I NEED AN AIR CURTAIN AND HEATING, AND/OR COOLING, AND/OR VENTILATION INTEGRATE THE BIDDLE AIR CURTAIN IN A TOTAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR SHOP, OFFICE BUILDING OR OTHER COMMERCIAL SPACE VRV® HEAT RECOVERY › › › › › NETWORK SOLUTION VRV® VRV® is among the first heat recovery systems suitable for connection to air curtains The most advanced and environmentally conscious method of separating outdoor and indoor climates on the market, offering a payback period of less than 1.5 years Provides virtually free air curtain heating via recovered heat from indoor units...

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WHICH AIR CURTAIN OFFERS ME THE BEST SOLUTION? Biddle air curtains come in comfort and standard versions, all otthem in varying door widths trom 1 up to 2.5 meters. Below you can find an overview of the different versions and available door heights. © BIDDLE COMFORT AIR CURTAIN (CA) Free-Hanging (F) Cassette (C) Recessed (C) > All year round comfort ensured by the constant discharge velocity and adjustable jet airflow width (European patent) > Maximum energy efficiency stemming from almost zero down flow turbulence, optimised air flow and the application of advanced discharge rectifier > Around...

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ADVANCED BIDDLE AIR CURTAIN TECHNLOLOGIES RECTIFIER TECHNOLOGY By reducing the air turbulence at the discharge of the Biddle air curtain, the induction of the surrounding air is also reduced, providing a deeply penetrating airstream. In addition the design of the rectifier provides a laminar air flow right down to floor level, reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort levels all year round. Air curtain, with turbulent air stream and loss of airflow – low separation efficiency LAMINAR AIR FLOW STREAM MINIMIZES AIR TURBULENCE TOP ENERGY EFFICIENCY IMPROVED PENETRATION 8085% SEPARATION EFFICIENCY...

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CONSTANT AIR VELOCITY TECHNOLOGY EUROPEAN PATENT* On more demanding days it is usual to increase the operational speed of the air curtain. Similarly on milder days the speed would be reduced. With air curtains featuring a fixed area discharge grille this leads to an increase or decrease in air velocity which, in turn leads to less comfort and lower energy efficiency. One of the important differences between the Biddle comfort air curtain and other air curtains is the inclusion of a patented damper mechanism. This assembly helps maintain a constant velocity across all fan speeds, so the optimum...

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SELECTION OF A BIDDLE AIR CURTAIN An air curtain is selected properly if it has sufficient capacity to heat up entering cold outside air to a comfortable temperature. Additionally, the unit must be able to properly screen off the entire width and height of the door opening. The air curtain type to be selected depends on: 1. The door height (= mounting height, measured from floor to bottom of unit) 2. The door width 3. The volume and temperature of the outside air entering through the open door 1. DOOR HEIGHT AND 2. DOOR WIDTH It is important for the distance between the air curtain and the door...

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STRENGTH OF THE AIR CURTAIN NOT ONLY DETERMINED BY AIR DISPLACEMENT It is commonly believed that a properly working air curtain should displace much air, but that is a misconception. The screening effect of an air curtain, which we call the air curtain strength, is determined by a proper mix of air velocity, air outlet temperature, and air stream width. The required air velocity is partly determined by the turbulence of the air stream. If the rectifier technology is used, the air stream will be practically laminar, and far less air will have to be displaced than with conventional air curtains....

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