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For Daikin Split and Sky Air products - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Manage your quotes and orders online For Daikin Split and Sky Air products

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The new E-Tool from Daikin UK When you are under pressure to deliver quotes for your customers, instant access to accurate product and pricing information is a great advantage for your business. The new E-Tool from Daikin UK enables you to generate quotes and place orders for Split and Sky Air products online, at any time of day or night – and on any device. The Daikin E-Tool provides wide-ranging additional support so that you can deliver an enhanced professional service to your customers and manage all your projects with renewed efficiency. What’s more, the E-Tool is so easy to use that you...

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Quickly and easily create new projects Your Daikin E-Tool dashboard gives you an overview of your projects and enables you to create a new project and browse existing projects, orders and products online. Quickly create a new project by filling out three easy reference fields, then select the products and quantities you need. To help you, there’s an overview of each product with access to its datasheet, system information, standard accessories, plus details of the relevant additional energy-saving options. When you are happy with your selection, you can review your quote. It will show a complete...

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Additional features and benefits Use the Daikin E-Tool to create estimated cost projections for the standard and energy saving accessories. Simply enter details of the operating environment, the type of application and the location. The E-Tool will calculate the annual energy consumption, CO2 emissions and running costs. It will also show the benefits of the energy saving accessories – including the return on the additional investment. Another key feature of the Daikin E-Tool is its ability to highlight instances where equipment may qualify for a tax deduction under the government’s Enhanced Capital...

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New Seasonal Inverter with the Roundflow cassette ECONOMY OPTION: 3 Low purchase price for reduced upfront cost 3 Compatible with Daikin cassette 3 Pair only applications 3 Up to 30m pipe run 3 -5 / -15°C operating range in cooling / heating 3 A/A Energy Labels 3 R22 Replacement technology Daikin’s Sky Air range has been extended with the arrival of the economically priced Seasonal Inverter outdoor unit, with the unique Roundflow cassette. The Seasonal Inverter allows pipe runs of up to 30m and is for pair applications. The Roundflow cassette ensures 360° air flow and even temperature distribution...

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Daikin UK is the first to market with a range of split systems using R32 – the next-generation refrigerant with lower global warming potential, higher efficiencies and lower refrigerant charge. Three types of wall mounted units are available: Ururu Sarara, Emura and FTXM High Inverter. The existing range of FBQ-D Medium Static Ducted units has been upgraded with a height reduction to 245mm. NEW Ururu Sarara (FTXZ) Emura (FTXJ) Wall mount (FTXM) New vertical chassis unit The new, vertical chassis FNQ-A unit, based on the slim ducted ceiling unit, has a profile of just 200mm, making it ideal for...

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Carbon Neutral Check and print your own eligibility statement for ECA at www.daikin.co.uk/eca Daikin units comply with the European regulations that guarantee the safety of the product. The present leaflet is drawn up by way of information only and does not Daikin products are distributed by: constitute an offer binding upon Daikin UK. Daikin UK has compiled the content of this leaflet to the best of its knowledge. No express or implied warranty is given for the completeness, accuracy, reliability or fitness for particular purpose of its content and the products and services presented therein....

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