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EWAD-TZ ECPEN14-420 P - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Energy savings Today, Daikin is leading the way towards more efficient and cost-effective comfort solutions. All Daikin products - residential and commercial as well as industrial are seasonal efficient, they all reduce energy and costs in a smart way. ESEER up to 6 New inverter screw chiller and capacity range (165-700 kW) Delivers an ESEER of up to 6 (compared to 3.8 for a traditional chiller) giving it a CLASS A energy efficiency rating with exceptional part-load efficiency. This is one of the highest in the market and helps you save money. Lower running cost reducing the energy consumption...

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Daikin chillers The Daikin Group has a long worldwide experience in the design and manufacturing of screw chillers, enhancing the inverter technology for all those applications that require remarkable load variations during the year. Daikin chillers are assembled and factory tested before shipment, controls are pre-wired, adjusted and tested to offer almost a plug&play unit even for high cooling capacities. A special attention is also dedicated to provide the maximum serviceability so to ease the maintenance operations on site. Daikin is a worldwide provider of 'green' chillers that ensure the...

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Rapid payback As a result of leading edge design and engineering delivering the top efficiencies, our system regularly gives a 3-year Return-on-Investment (ROI) whereas a non-inverter unit takes twice as long. Software is available for annual energy cost and payback calculations. Comfort level Inverter stepless regulation Based on the geographical location and the application, the load profile of a building can vary enormously but our system has an infinitely variable load regulation without pre-set steps for a perfect comfort solution. The stepless regulation provides the required power to meet...

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The new series has been designed to need the minimum installation space. In particular, the highly efficient compressor with its integral inverter allows us to mount more compact heat exchangers in the frame and, combined with the use of a compact control panel, more power is delivered from a reduced footprint. The compact design of our EWAD-TZ means you get the equivalent cooling capacity of a non-inverter unit but with better efficiency and the same physical footprint Extensive option list Including: ›› Rapid restart after power failure ›› Variable speed water pumps ›› EC brushless condenser...

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Daikin products are distributed by: ECPEN14-420_P ECPEN11-801 Naamloze Vennootschap - Zandvoordestraat 300, B-8400 Oostende - Belgium - www.daikin.eu - BE 0412 120 336 - RPR Oostende ECPEN14-420_P • 200 • 08/13 • Copyright Daikin Printed on non-chlorinated paper. Prepared by La Movida, Belgium Resp. Ed.: Daikin Europe N.V., Zandvoordestraat 300, B-8400 Oostende The present leaflet is drawn up by way of information only and does not constitute an offer binding upon Daikin Europe N.V.. Daikin Europe N.V. has compiled the content of this leaflet to the best of its knowledge. No express or implied...

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