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Sky Air Product Range - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

your comfort. our world. Sky Air Product Range Leading in seasonal efficiency Heating Ventilation Integrated Solutions

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Daikin leads the way: Seasonal Sky Air series Daikin again leads the industry with their full light commercial range optimised for seasonal efficiency, which already meets the very challenging 2014 ErP requirements even before those for 2013 are implemented. Our Sky Air Seasonal series – Seasonal Smart and Seasonal Classic – offers at least 20% better performance than current existing inverter solutions and this is fully in line with 20/20/20 EU policy. This performance can be further enhanced with a smart use of unique Daikin options. The technology used gives very high levels of seasonal efficiency...

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Seasonal efficiency … in more detail In response to the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union have set challenging targets for reduction of CO2 emissions. These targets also include improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. To help accomplish these targets, a European wide action plan has been put together. This aims to achieve: • 20% reduction CO2 emissions. • • 20% improvement in energy efficiency. 20% reduction in primary energy use (vs. business as usual). European action plan 20/20/20 Share of RENEWABLE ENERGY -20% PRIMARY ENERGY USE vs. Business as usual To help achieve...

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Sky Air the solution for the light commercial sector Sky Air is Daikin’s industry-leading light commercial range, which has been redesigned for optimum seasonal energy efficiency ahead of the latest legislation. Providing the ideal solution for all kinds of small commercial spaces, the Sky Air series offers a complete comfort solution that puts you in total control. Retail Versatility and control are key to creating the comfortable conditions within trading areas and changing rooms that will keep customers shopping. It’s important to select a system that offers excellent performance, while also...

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Discreet with limited visual and operating impact. Reduces energy usage and costs. Smart control of A/C and air-curtains. Creates an inviting atmosphere for your customers. Our round flow cassettes blend with your décor as they are integrated into the ceiling with only the decoration panel visible. This decoration panel is the secret to increasing comfort levels and providing the perfect climate conditions for your customers as the various flaps can be individually opened and closed to ensure that the heating and cooling are directed to where they are needed. The decoration panel is also the secret...

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Sky Air - the solution Sky Air for server rooms • • • • Continuous cooling operation. Automatic rotation between active units. Backup outdoor unit ensures continuous operation. Possible to restrict use of remote control by room occupants. Servers & IT equipment needs to be run continuously & can generate a great deal of heat which needs to be removed through continuous cooling and humidity control. This presents a challenge that Sky Air can easily meet with its “EDP” server room configuration. A typical application would have two indoor units each connected to a single outdoor unit to ensure that...

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Products in the spotlight Daikin’s Sky Air range is a traditional “split” with an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor fan coil unit. Sky Air offers capacities of between 7 and 14kW, and with a full range of indoor units, can be tailored to suit many retail and commercial applications. FCQG / FCQHG > Seasonal outdoor units: Seasonal Smart and Seasonal Classic products have been specially designed to offer a very high seasonal performance that already meets the 2014 ErP requirements as well as the 2013 requirements. Some of these design improvements include: • A new compressor that offers substantial...

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Products in the spotlight • Suits computer room applications (EDP). • R-22/R-407C Replacement technology has been incorporated; replacement solutions deliver major energy savings, offering rapid payback and a cost-effective upgrade solution, phased for minimal downtime. • Guarantees operation in heating mode down to -20°C external temperature. • A 75m pipe run to achieve longer runs for installation(100-140 class). • Compatibility with D-BACS – links your unit into the wider building management system. • Customisable evaporating & condensing temperatures to improve operating efficiencies. • 3...

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Products in the spotlight > Round Flow Cassette: setting the standard for efficiency and comfort The round flow cassettes FCQG and FCQHG-F series are designed for use in all forms and sizes of commercial offices and retail environments and provide you with a more energy efficient model. Daikin’s new generation cassettes have been re-designed visually and operationally: • The heat exchanger has reduced diameter pipes, but longer runs for higher efficiency. • Fan motors & drain pumps are now DC power, so consume less energy. • A new look decoration panel gives a contemporary edge to the classic...

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… and improved comfort • The unique 360° air flow discharge pattern ensures a uniform temperature distribution across the room without dead corners. Comfort can be further enhanced thanks to the optional sensors: • The presence sensor allows air flow control. It directs the air away from any person detected in the room, when the air flow control is on. • With the floor sensor having cold feet becomes history. This sensor detects the average floor temperature and ensures an even temperature distribution between ceiling and floor. Flexible installation The round flow cassette offers higher flexibility...

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Products in the spotlight > Wall mounted model – FAQ-C The new flat, stylish front panel blends easily with any interior décor and is easier to clean. The new wall mounted unit provides improved comfort levels: new • Automatic airflow volume control for all classes. Based on the difference between room temperature and set temperature, the unit will automatically select the appropriate airflow volume. If the temperature difference is high, the unit will select high fan speed; if the temperature difference is low, the unit will select low fan speed. This allows the room to return to set temperature...

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