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Catalogue excerpts

SUPERB TECHNOLOGY FOR SUPERB INTERIORS Emura high end residential applications.indd 1

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DISCOVER A NEW WORLD OF INTERIOR DESIGN There’s no mystery about it: we create fantastic interiors and like to be able to enjoy them all the time, no matter what the conditions. Plus, we also like to manage our interiors economically and in a sustainable manner. This is why Daikin is such a popular choice for large apartments and villas in Europe. The energy ecient heat pump systems not only oer you perfect comfort all year round, they also add value to your interior. With its innovative technologies and European designed indoor units, Daikin oers you everything you require. Energy eicient IN...

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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Emura high end residential applications.indd 3

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BUILT FOR YOUR HOME Designed specically for Europe, a premium mini VRV system can handle all your climate control needs. A single outdoor unit eciently handles up to 9 indoor units – so you save on space and costs. With piping lengths between the outdoor unit and BP box of up to 55 m, you can install the outdoor unit in a small corner of your garden. To suit your interior and requirements, you can combine dierent types of indoor units – wall mounted, concealed ceiling, oor standing etc. – in dierent capacities. So depending on the installation surface or personal requirements, you can choose the...

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Emura high end residential applications.indd 5

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Comfort YEAR ROUND ADMIRE THE STYLE, ENJOY THE EFFICIENCY Emura high end residential applications.indd 6

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DISCOVER THE NEW DAIKIN EMURA Daikin Emura is the smart, ecient and stylish way to control your climate. The trend-setting design and innovations are optimised, giving architects, engineers and home owners the WHISPER QUIET DOWN TO 19 dBA ideal solution for every home. Stylish nish in silver, anthracite or pure matt white EER up to 3.89 Whisper quiet sound levels, down to 19dB(A) Ensures maximum comfort in every situation Can be controlled via the user friendly remote controller or via app DID YOU KNOW? Designed in Europe for Europe On-going research ensures that the Daikin Emura provides superior...

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CONNECTABLE INDOOR UNITS Wall mounted CONNECTABLE INDOOR UNITS Fully flat cassette Floor standing Round flow cassette FCQG-F Ceiling suspended INDOOR UNIT Casing Dimensions Weight Fan - Air flow rate Colour HeightxWidthxDepth Unit Unit High/Nom./Low/Silent operation Cooling High/Nom./Low/Silent operation Heating Sound power level Cooling Heating High/Nom./Low/Silent operation Sound pressure level Cooling High/Nom./Low/Silent operation Heating Piping connections Liquid OD Gas OD Drain OD Power supply Phase / Frequency / Voltage FTXG20LW FTXG20LS FTXG25LW FTXG25LS FTXG35LW FTXG35LS FTXG50LW FTXG50LS...

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