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top efficiency and comfort range - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Your perfect atmosphere Information for end users: top efficiency and comfort range

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The evolution of pure comfort Discover the next generation of comfort Only the best is good enough when it comes to your home. Now, Daikin has taken comfort to a whole new level by reimagining a pure atmosphere with its Bluevolution range. When you choose Daikin technologies, you can count on year-round comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and control. High seasonal efficiency ensures you stay comfortable in winter and summer, without breaking the bank. The R-32 refrigerant is more environmentally friendly than previous refrigerants. Daikin’s many years of experience and broad range of products...

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Breathe deeply Pure atmosphere A wealth of choice Daikin’s solutions are attractive, quiet and energy efficient. Whether for one room or many, Daikin has the right unit for you. Why choose Daikin? The Daikin series with R-32 refrigerant offers you the best in energy efficiency, design and style. Whether you want to heat or cool one or multiple rooms, with wall mounted or concealed ceiling units, Daikin has a model for you. Pure comfort: Ururu Sarara Total climate control with (de-)humidification, air purification and ventilation and the highest heating and cooling efficiency. Iconic comfort: Daikin...

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Discreet comfort: FTXP-KV Stylish front panel design blends with every interior including dry programme. Choose the right partner: pair and multi applications Select the corresponding outdoor unit to best suit your needs. Pair applications connect one outdoor unit with one indoor unit. Space-saving multi units can connect up to five indoor units in multiple rooms. Units for pair applications ūū RXZ-N (combined with Ururu Sarara) ūū RXJ-M (combined with Daikin Emura) ūū RXM-M (combined with FTXM-M) Concealed ceiling unit: FDXM-F Units for multi applications Only the suction and discharge grilles...

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Energy efficiency Creating a fresh climate at home is about more than just pure comfort. Daikin systems are easy on your wallet and good for the environment, too. The nextgeneration refrigerant R-32 and optimised compressors make sure you stay in your comfort zone. Seasonal efficiency in heating and cooling Daikin’s range of advanced energy-saving technologies provide high seasonal efficiencies in heating and cooling up to A+++, and our redesigned swing compressors are more efficient. Seasonal efficiency is a new way of rating heating and cooling products based on their energy efficiency over...

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A better climate zone Intelligent air distribution Air conditioners make rooms comfortable by moving fresh air around the room. Daikin’s technology goes the extra mile so you don’t feel the movement of air on your skin. Not home? With Daikin’s online controller, no problem. Adjust a room’s temperature, the flow rate or operation mode from your smartphone, anytime and anywhere. Additionally you can keep an eye on your energy consumption. 2-area intelligent eye If you leave the room, your system switches into energy-saving mode. When you come back, it returns to the original setting, but blows the...

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Ururu SararaPure comfortUruru = humidification The thermograph shows the temperature distribution of the skin 30 min. after entry into the room Temperature: 25 C Humidity: 80% You feel warm in humid air, even at a constant temperature Temperature cannot measure how a room feels. The air around us naturally contains a certain amount of moisture, known as humidity. During winter making the air too dry not only makes your room feel cooler (which might make you turn up the heating unnecessarily), it leads to sore throats and dry skin. It can even affect your furniture, wooden floors, books and art...

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Ventilation and air purification Fresh air, even with closed windows Unlike a conventional air conditioner, the Ururu Sarara brings fresh, conditioned air into the room at the desired temperature without any thermal loss. The unit’s self-cleaning filter collects dirt and particles from the air, which not only keeps your air clean but keeps the Ururu Sarara performing at top efficiency. Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology makes sure that the air is automatically purified and odour-free. Flash Streamer releases streams of high-speed electrons with strong oxidation power Pre-filter catches dust Deodorising...

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Clean, minimal and sleek, Daikin Emura is designed in Europe for Europe and offers elegant and noteworthy climate control. But since its smart technology makes your home so comfortable, you'll almost forget it’s there. Daikin Emura has been awarded the Reddot design award 2014, German Design Award - Special mention 2015, Focus Open 2014 Silver, Good Design Award 2014 and iF Design award 2015. Why choose Daikin Emura? > Top design with two stylish finishes, silver and anthracite or pure matte white > High seasonal efficiencies up to A+++ > Whisper quiet sound levels as low as 19 decibels. > Control...

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FTXJ-MW/S + RXJ-M rDAI KIN BLUeVOLUT=nn Efficiency data Contains fluonnated greenhouse gases    ■ »Note: blue cells contain preliminary data

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FTXM-M Smart comfort Energy efficiency up to A+++ A European design for European homes Daikin’s FTXM-M features up-to-date technology and built-in intelligence. This ensures that it always performs to the highest standards and an energy rating as high as A+++ in cooling and heating. Daikin FTXM-M is a sleek, unobtrusive air conditioning unit that matches European sensibilities regarding interior design. This split system wall mounted air conditioner meets European technical standards with impressive functionality. Practically inaudible It’s easier to be yourself in a peaceful environment. Daikin...

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Fresher, cleaner air with controlled comfort Daikin makes a room comfortable by cleaning the air and distributing it around the room -without disturbing you. The air cycles through the photocatalytic purification filter to break down odours. Then Daikin's Flash Streamer destroys any viruses or moulds before releasing pure and safe air into the room. 3D airflow circulates the air both vertically and horizontally. For added comfort, the 2-area intelligent eye directs air away from you when you're in the room and switches to energy saving mode when you're not. Flash Streamer technology Virus before...

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