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ventilation catalogue - 40 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Daikin Europe N.V. ABOUT DAIKIN Daikin has a worldwide reputation based on almost 85 years’ experience in the successful manufacture of high quality air conditioning equipment for industrial, commercial and residential use. Daikin quality Daikin’s much envied quality quite simply stems from the close attention paid to design, production and testing as well as aftersales support. To this end, every component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to verify its contribution to product quality and reliability. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS Air Conditioning and the Environment Air conditioning systems...

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BENEFITS FOR BUILDING OWNERS 8 1 Energy energy saving ventilation 8 2 Reduces the load on the air conditiong system 9 BENEFITS FOR DESIGN OFFICES AND CONSULTANTS 10 1 Total solution concept 10 3 High static pressure 10 4 Wide range of units 10 5 Wide operation range 10 1 Simple design and construction 11 3 High static pressure 11 1 Create a high guality indoor environment 12 3 Low operation sound level 13 4 Individual control via HRV remote control 13 FXMQ-MF - OUTDOOR AIR PROCESSING UNIT 19 1 100% fresh air intake possible 20 2 Leaves maximum floor and wall space for Furniture, 3 Wide operation...

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Which system offers me the best solution? With the advent of new building regulations, greater awareness of increasing energy costs and a responsibility towards environmental issues, modern commercial spaces are insulated better than ever. Double glazing, thicker roof insulation and draught excluders of course, help considerably towards reducing heating/cooling demand and burdens on the environment. The down-side however, is that these same commercial spaces have now become, in effect, sealed boxes with little or no replenishment of the air. Daikin offers a variety of solutions for the provision...

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overview ventilation range Ventilation: provision of fresh air 2 1 3 Air processing: optimise the balance between indoor and outdoor fresh air temperature Type name VAM-FA Components of indoor air quality 1 2 Humidification: optimise the balance between indoor and outdoor humidity Air flow rate (m3/h) 0 200 400 600 1 Ventila­tion 3 Heat Reclaim Ventilation VKM-G VKM-GM 1 EKEXV-kit 2 2 1 Ventila­tion 2 Humidification 3 FXMQ-MF ERQ AND VRV AIR HANDLING APPLICATIONS 2 1 Ventila­tion 3 Air processing 3 3 Air processing 2 1 OUTDOOR AIR PROCESSING UNIT 1 1 2 1 2 1 3 1 Ventila­tion 3 Air processing 3...

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HRV - Heat reclaim ventilation Ventilation, humidification & air processing HRV helps to create a high quality indoor environment The Daikin HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) unit recovers heat energy lost through ventilation and maintains a comfortable and clean indoor environment without changes in room temperature. This also reduces the load on the air conditioning system and saves energy. In addition, the HRV interlocks with Daikin’s air conditioning systems (for example VRV and Sky Air) and automatically switches over to ventilation mode when needed, further increasing the effects of energy...

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benefits for building owners Energy saving ventilation Buildings need year round ventilation. In traditional ventilation systems the conditioned inside air is lost when exhausted externally and new unconditioned air is brought into the building. This results in large amounts of air being heated up or cooled down over and above the actual load of the air conditioning system and leads to a substantial waste of energy. The Daikin HRV system however, automatically balances outside and inside temperature and humidity enabling the recovery of heat/cold with significant savings in running costs. Specially...

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REDUCINGTHE LOAD ON THE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Thanks to the use of heat reclaim ventilation the load on the air conditioning is reduced with approximately 31%. - 23% by operating in total heat exchange mode (in comparison with normal ventilation fans) - another 6% by auto-ventilation mode changeover switching - a further 2% by pre-cool, pre-heat control (reduces air conditioning load by not running the HRV shortly after the air Note: the values mentioned above may vary according to weather and other environmental conditions at the location of the unit's installation Operation automatically switches...

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benefits for design offices and consultants Total solution concept - integrated ventilation The integration of ventilation into a total building climate system, such as the VRV system, offers numerous advantages. Daikin supplies software which simulates the working of the entire system, simplifying its design and presenting an ideal solution for the building itself and a ‘one-stop’ solution for the client. As well as design benefits, it also simplifies project follow-up, installation and subsequent commissioning and maintenance since only one party is involved. Finally, the end user benefits from...

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WIDE OPERATION RANGE The HRV unit can be installed in practically any location. The standard operation range (outdoor temperature) is from -15°C to 40°CDB (50°CDB for VAM units) and can be extended down to -25°C if a pre heater is 1 Contact your local dealer for more information and restrictions Maintenance cover Upside down SIMPLE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION The unit can be installed either horizontally or upside down always allowing easy access for A 450 mm square inspection hatch enables maintenance and heat exchange element replacement to be performed with ease. Also no drain connection is needed,...

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benefits for end users Creating a high quality indoor environment 100 Heating and cooling 80 60 + Heat recovery + Effect of full heat exchange Humidifying Outdoor air temperature in summer Effect of cooling 40 Indoor temperature during cooling Effect of humidification 20 Indoor temperature during heating Outdoor air temperature in winter Relative humidity (%) In addition to the HEP high efficiency paper, VKM models contain a DX-coil and humidifier (VKM only), thereby balancing the incoming fresh air with indoor temperature and humidity and ensuring the best possible indoor environment. Effect...

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