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VRV Catalogue - 186 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

BENEFITS FOR building OWNERS With Daikin’s proprietary inverter technology and cutting-edge control technology for refrigerant, the VRV®III air conditioning system operates with outstanding efficiency. This contributes to high energy savings, which GREATLY REDUCES YOUR RUNNING COSTS and facilitates better building management. Benefits for CONSULTANT and DESIGN OFFICES Daikin’s VRV® systems include indoor and outdoor units available in a wide range of models for various building sizes and installation conditions. Long refrigerant piping lengths and other features put few restrictions on design...

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TABLE OF CONTENTS VRV® an energy efficient approach TOTAL CLIMATE CONTROL: Setting new standards BEYOND THE ORDINARY What's new? over 25 years of VRV® History Total Solution Concept which vrv® outdoor system offers me the best solution? 5 4 5 6 8 10 12 ·· Air-cooled outdoor systems ·· Water-cooled outdoor systems 12 13 overview outdoor unit range overview indoor unit range overview ventilation range overview network solutions Powerful Selection Programmes 14 16 18 19 20 ·· VRV® pro ·· VRV® Xpress 20 21 air-cooled vrv® outdoor systems 22 ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· 24 26 28 32 34 36 46 66 Benefits...

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Daikin Europe N.V. ABOUT DAIKIN Daikin has a worldwide reputation based on 85 years’ experience in the successful manufacture of high quality air conditioning equipment for industrial, commercial and residential use. Daikin quality Daikin’s much envied quality quite simply stems from the close attention paid to design, production and testing as well as aftersales support. To this end, every component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to verify its contribution to product quality and reliability. TOTAL CLIMATE CONTROL: Setting new standards Total climate control in which perfect living...

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BE YOND THE ORDINARY To achieve perfect indoor conditions means delivering the optimal comfort levels from the perspective of the occupants by ensuring the right temperature in the right places, with the right level of fresh air and humidity, and all with an acceptable level of sound. It also means delivering attention to detail in all aspects of the technical configuration. Daikin’s approach is a total engineered solution that focuses not only on the core components but also on the equipment that can be connected to our new generation of VRV® systems. Our latest equipment is designed to optimise...

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what's new? High sensible option on VRV®III heat pump p 32 ›› Optimise the working of the units for the European climate. ›› Work with increased sensible capacity in cooling mode, resulting in higher efficiency and improved comfort. Higher comfort to the end user Preventing cold draughts thanks to higher discharge air temperature on the indoor unit. Higher energy efficiency As no energy is wasted on unnecessary dehumidification, the system will work more efficiently while in cooling mode. ›› The best seasonal performance and the lowest running cost in the industry ›› All standard VRV®III features...

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VRV®III heat pump, with connection to stylish indoor units p 56 ›› Innovative VRV® technology combined with stylish and silent indoor units ›› Wide range of indoor units: combine VRV® indoor units and stylish indoor units such as Daikin Emura and Nexura in one system ›› Up to 39 indoor units can be connected to a single 18HP unit VRV®III-S heat pump ›› ›› ›› ›› p 60 Slim design for flexible installation Wide range of indoor units: either connect VRV® or stylish indoor units such as Daikin Emura, Nexura … Up to 9 indoor units can be connected All indoor units can be individually controlled FBQ-C...

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OVER 25 YEARS OF VRV HISTORY system developed by Daikin introduced into Europe in VRV" standard format. VRV" D series can supply conditioned air from up to 6 indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. eguipment, Daikin Daikin Europe celebrates its 25th anniversary with the award VRV" Inverter series with R-407C, in cooling only or heat pump format. As many as 16 indoor units outdoor unit. of the VRV'II-S series extends VRV* operating scope into A further step forward VRV heat recovery system, offering simultaneous cooling and heating from different indoor units on the same refrigeration...

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Daikin has extended the Daikin has extended its VRV® range with the innovative replacement operational scope of its acclaimed VRV® – a highly cost effective replacement for VRV® systems still VRV®II inverter driven dx air operating on the banned R-22 refrigerant. This cost effective upgrade is conditioning system, with a new possible because VRV®III-Q outdoor units can be installed using existing water cooled version, piping and in some cases existing indoor units. The system, among VRV -WII. Available in 10, 20 and the first of its type, comes in heat pump and heat recovery models 30HP models,...

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Total Solution Concept The Daikin VRV® Total Solution provides a single point of contact for the design and maintenance of your integrated climate control system. Our modular units enable you to select the right mix of equipment and technology to ensure that you achieve the optimal balance of temperature, humidity and air freshness for the perfect comfort zone with maximum energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. VRV® OUTDOOR UNITS Integrated heat pump solution ›› ›› ›› Solution for every climate from -25°C to +50°C Flexible to fit any building Top efficiencies to ensure low running costs and...

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Cooling 22 Extracted heat 22 Heating VRV® heat recovery system Hot Water Ventilation Air Curtain AIR SEPARATION THROUGH AIR CURTAINS VENTILATION HOT WATER A highly efficient solution to doorway climate separation Create a high-quality indoor environment Use heat pump technology to produce hot water ›› Most efficient open-door solution ›› Year-round comfort, even on the most demanding days ›› Free air curtain heating possible ›› Heat is reclaimed between out and indoor air ›› Free cooling possible ›› Optimum control of humidity ›› For one room or your entire building ›› Free hot water production...

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