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Wall mounted units - 24 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Wall mounted units Total comfort at home

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Why choose Daikin? Daikin is the world leader when it comes to air conditioning and heating. Thanks to our constant innovation in comfort, energy efficiency, control and reliability we define the benchmarks for quality within the industry. Comfort We offer a wide range of products, and always provide you with the ideal solution, whether it be in a residential, commercial or industrial environment. Our units are whisper quiet and, with their perfect airflow pattern, they create your ideal indoor climate. Control Our expertise makes life easier for you, allowing you to control your system via a...

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Why choose    One room or more,a wall mounted unit? the choice is yours Wall mounted units are simple to install and can be less intrusive than floor mounted units. They can be placed subtly, high on a wall, where they do not distract from your decor. Whether your rooms are large or small, we have units with the capacities to provide the climate you want and which suit your budget. We can offer you anything from high-efficiency design units, to units which offer excellent value for money. What is an air-to-air heat pump? Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, even in cold weather. They...

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Ururu Sarara The best of the best

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Why choose Ururu Sarara? The Daikin Ururu Sarara brings a new level of sophisticated control to air conditioning. It has five air treatment techniques which together provide a total comfort solution. In addition, the Ururu Sarara range has SEER and SCOP A+++ ratings thanks to its energy efficient compressor and heat exchanger. Because of its innovative technology, as well as its design, it won the prestigious Red Dot design award in 2013. Humidification Dehumidification Ventilation with fresh air intake 5 air treatment techniques 1 Heating and cooling in one unit, for year-round comfort with the...

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Daikin EmuraForm. Function. Redesigned.Why choose Daikin Emura? The Daikin Emura is the result of ongoing research into creating superior air conditioning solutions for European interiors. The new generation's extra functions make it even more suitable for European homes. This has been confirmed by the fact that the Daikin Emura is the winner of the prestigious iF Design Award, Reddot design award 2014, German Design Award - Special Mention, Focus Open 2014 Silver and Good Design Award 2014 > Top design with two stylish finishes, silver and anthracite or pure matt white > High seasonal efficiencies...

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Easy control from everywhere The easy-to-use remote control gives you absolute control of the room temperature from wherever you are. Sit back, check the large display and put all of Daikin Emura’s built-in intelligence to work through user-friendly buttons. Always in control, no matter where you are The plug-and-play standard* WLAN device allows you to set and even schedule the temperature from anywhere, using iOS or Android systems. So you can manage the unit when away from home, offering optimal climate control while saving energy. * FTXJ-M series only

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FTXM-M Smart comfort Energy efficiency up to A+++ European design for European homes Daikin’s FTXM-M features up-to-date technology and built-in intelligence. This ensures that it always performs to the highest standards and an energy rating as high as A+++ in cooling and heating. Daikin FTXM-M is a sleek, unobtrusive air conditioning unit that matches European sensibilities regarding interior design. This split system wall mounted air conditioner meets European technical standards with impressive functionality. Practically inaudible It’s easier to be yourself in a peaceful environment. Daikin...

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Fresher, cleaner air with controlled comfort Daikin makes a room comfortable by cleaning the air and distributing it around the room – without disturbing you. The air cycles through the photocatalytic purification filter to break down odours. Then Daikin’s Flash Streamer destroys any viruses or moulds before releasing pure and safe air into the room. 3D airflow circulates the air both vertically and horizontally. For added comfort, the 2-area intelligent eye directs air away from you when you’re in the room and switches to energy saving mode when you’re not. Flash Streamer technology Virus before...

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Ururu Sarara Complete climate control with (de)humidification, air purification & ventilation with top efficiencies in heating & cooling. Details on page 16 Daikin Emura Design at its best, delivering superior efficiency and comfort. Details bluevolution range on page 16 Bl 1 ,awr‘11 1 IT!nn Details standard range on page 18 Details model optimised for heating on page 21 Discreet, modern design for optimal efficiency and comfort thanks to 2-area intelligent eye. Details bluevolution range on page 17    011 ,owr‘11 1 Details standard range on page 18 Details model optimised for heating on page...

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Daikin wall mounted units offer you all sorts of advantages in several areas. Energy efficiency Econo mode Saving energy is not just good for the planet, it is good for your budget too. Some of our units use a new refrigerant (R-32) which is not only more environmentally friendly, but is also more efficient as a coolant. All our units have been designed to provide optimum cooling and heating, no matter what the season. And if you live in a colder climate, we even have a special range which can operate in temperatures as low as -25°C. Daikin units’ 3-D air flow function combines vertical and horizontal...

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Benefits overview Wall mounted Other functions    Remote control & timer    Air treatment    Humidity    Air flow    Comfort    We care (1) weekly timer via online controller

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Standard range Wall mounted

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Other functions    Remote control & timer    Air treatment    Humidity    Air flow    Comfort    We care (1) weekly timer via online controller

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URURU SARARA FTXZ-N Ururu Sarara    BLuevoLLmon Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases

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