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ISH on Dako Omnis - 2 Pages

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ISH on Dako Omnis
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Catalogue excerpts

Molecular ISH on Dako Omnis Integrate Fast, High-quality FISH into an IHC Workflow Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is routinely used as the gold standard to visualize gene rearrangements and copy number changes in tumor specimens. A major drawback of the technique is the extensive assay hands-on time required. Dako Omnis, a fully automated walk-away solution for advanced staining, enables a FISH solution with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. Flexibility Run FISH simultaneously with IHC Unlike competitor systems, the Dako Omnis is designed to enable simultaneous FISH and IHC runs. FISH slides can be run with minimal impact to IHC throughput on the Omnis, as shown below. Efficiency IHC-like turn-around time The high-throughput Dako Omnis combined with the IQFISH Fast Hybridization Buffer enables an IHC-like turn-around time for ISH. IQFISH Fast Hybridization Buffer reduces hybridization to 75 minutes. This enables a 4-hour turn-around time for FISH.

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Ordering information Product name ISH Pepsin (Dako Omnis) ISH Ethanol Solution, 96% (Dako Omnis) ISH Pre-Treatment Solution (20x) (Dako Omnis) ISH Stringent Wash Buffer (20x) (Dako Omnis) ISH Cleaning Solution (Dako Omnis)* Fluorescence Mounting Medium (Dako Omnis) IQFISH Fast Hybridization Buffer 900 Vial with Mixing Ball, 2 mL, for Dako Omnis Dako Omnis Mixing Device United States of America +1 805 566 6655 Represented in more than 100 countries For more information, visit www.dako.com © Agilent Technologies, Inc. 2015 Printed in USA, October 8, 2015 5991-6364EN * equires a software upgrade...

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