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Dameca classic
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Catalogue excerpts

Dameca accessories sliding clamps & medical equipment fjbi Dameca

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Flowmeters & accessories Double flowmeter 1-14 L/min for oxygen, mounted on a sliding clamp. Rotameterbox With two rotameters: Oxygen 0-10 L/min and Air 0-10 L/min P/N 32016-00 Flowmeter for oxygen Mounted on a sliding clamp. 1-14 L/min 1-38 L/min 1.2-8.4 L/min 0.4-2.5 L/min P/N 32015-00 P/N 32038-00 P/N 32024-00 P/N 32018-00 P/N 11032-00 Combined flowmeter For oxygen and Air, mounted on a sliding clamp. Oxygen 1-14 L/min Air 1-16 L/min P/N 32031-00 Flowmeter 1-16 L/min for Air, mounted on a sliding clamp. Double outlet For oxygen, Air and Vacuum, mounted on a sliding clamp. Oxygen outlet Air...

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Suction units & accessories VACUUM UNIT FOR STRONG With built-in ON/OFF valve. TUBING HOLDER With guide for sliding clamp. Tubing holder Sliding clamp With built-in ON/OFF valve. Mounted directly on rails or DOUBLE VACUUM UNIT FOR With built-in ON/OFF valve. JET-SUCTION UNIT Alternative for vacuum suction, where there is no vacuum A selection of Dameca accessories is available in a MR compatible version. Please call Customer Service +45 4450 9934 eller 4450 9917 for more information.

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Sliding clamps & accessories SLIDING CLAMP WITH HOLE Diam 9.6 P/N 30126 Diam 13 P/N 30127 Diam 16 P/N 30100 Diam 18 P/N 30101 Diam 20 P/N 30128 SLIDING CLAMP WITH GUIDE stainless beaker 1 L SLIDING CLAMP WITH HOOK Beaker Holder Sliding clamp Big hook Small hook P/N 11205 P/N 11200 P/N 30126 Universal version stainless beaker 2 L Mask hook Sliding clamp P/N 30203 P/N 30202 MASK HOOK Beaker Holder Sliding clamp P/N 30122 P/N 11206 P/N 11201 P/N 30126 P/N 11210 P/N 30126 CATHETER CONTAINER Holder for oxygen tubes and suction catheters. Container Sliding clamp P/N 11203 P/N 30126 DUOFLEX RAIL Mounted...

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Accessories FLOWMARKER For Dameca anaesthesia machines. Yellow 25 L Green 15 L P/N 13676 P/N 13671 RESPIRATIONS VALVE In plastic material with reduction valve for pressure. Tubings from 6 to 8 diameter. P/N 12082-01 COMPLETE SET includes tubing connection and mask adapter. P/N 12082 P/N 12977 Disposable bacteria filter For optimal patient hygiene BENVENISTE VALVE WITH PRESSURE For CPAP treatment with pressure measurement nipple. BENVENISTE VALVE WITHOUT PRESSURE For CPAP treatment without pressure measurement nipple. P/N 38477-50 P/N 12083-01 complete set includes tubing connection and mask adapter....

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dameca accessories-UK-0710 About Dameca Dameca is about raising standards of hospital and veterinary treatment through innovative development. For more than 60 years, our anaesthesia technology has contributed to high quality healthcare. Today our products rank among the safest, most efficient and most flexible on the market. We manufacture our products at our modern facilities just outside Copenhagen. It is also here our head office is located, along with our development and test facilities, sales and after-sales departments and warehouse. Dameca anaesthesia machines and accessories are sold...

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