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Dameca MRI solutions
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Catalogue excerpts

Dameca MRI solutions Safe and reliable products for the MRI suite The MRI suite can be a hazardous environment. Ferromagnetic items can be attracted to the magnetic isocentre with such force, as to become dangerous projectiles that can cause serious injury to staff and patients. We take the responsibility of providing safe and reliable products very seriously. Our entire range is guaranteed MRI compatible and is rigorously tested to a high standard. All products are clearly labelled.

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MRI compatible Adjustable height trolley MR5501 • Fully tested at 7 Tesla • rendelenberg supplied as standard T • eight capacity significantly increased to 220kg W • ydraulic dual pedal pump for ease of elevation and patient comfort H • Folding cot sides • lame retardant, high density mattress in a wipe clean material to prevent the F spread of infection • verall size of top section (L/W): 2175mm / 640mm O • verall size of base (L/W): O 475mm / 610mm • Maxium height: 940mm • inimum height: M 495mm (to table top) • Mattress thickness: 50mm Portering chair MR4501 Manufactured in aluminium with a...

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MRI compatible Relax & View® Image collection It is acknowledged that a relaxed patient will be more responsive to clinical examinations and treatment. Furthermore, this reduction in stress may alleviate high blood pressure and reduce pulse rate for the apprehensive patient. This improved working environment also has benefits for staff. The display panels are available in two separate models for wall and ceiling mounting. • Wall-mounted in landscape form to display scenic images • all-mounted in portrait form in any number of picture window units to simulate natural light W • eiling-mounted with...

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MRI compatible Instrument trolley Constructed MR2502 In aluminium with four castors, two shelves and an optional drawer. Fully tested at 7 Tesla. • Height: 935mm • Width: 450mm • Depth: 450mm Part no. 43615 IV drip stand MR2500 On a five star base with an adjustable twin hook. Fully tested at 7 Tesla. • Diameter: 640mm • Low height: 1412mm • High height: 2512mm Part no. 43602 Waste bowl MR2507 A stainless steel bowl sitting on an aluminium ring with three 2” twin wheel. • Height: 195mm • Diameter: 343mm Overcouch instrument trolley MR2503 Designed on four twin wheel castors with an adjustable...

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MRI compatible Double flowmeter 1-14L/min for oxygen, mounted on a sliding clamp. Part no. 32016-00 Rotameterbox With two rotameter: oxygen and air. Oxygen 0-10L/min Air 0-10L/min Part no. 11032-00 Combined flowmeter For oxygen and air, mounted on a sliding clamp. Oxygen 1-14L/min Air 1-16L/min Part no. 32031-00 Change-over valve For oxygen flowmeter. Change between oxygen supply and humidifier Part no. 32015-28 Flowmeter for oxygen, Mounted on a sliding clamp. 1-14L/min Part no. 32015-00 1-38L/min Part no. 32038-00 1.2-8.4L/min Part no. 32024-00 0.4-2.5L/min Part no. 32018-00 Double outlet For...

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MRI compatible Vacuum unit for strong suction With built-in ON/OFF valve. Part no. 32005-00 SLIDING CLAMP WITH HOLE Diameter 9.6 Part no. 30126 Diameter 13 Part no. 30127 Diameter 16 Part no. 30100 Diameter 18 Part no. 30101 Diameter 20 Part no. 30128 Jet-suction unit for strong suction Alternative for vacuum suction, where there is no vacuum built-in the wall. Strong suction Part no. 32515-00 Weak suction Part no. 32520-00 SLIDING CLAMP WITH GUIDE Part no. 30122 TUBING HOLDER With guide for sliding clamp. Tubing holder Part no. 32182 Sliding clamp Part no. 30122 SLIDING CLAMP WITH HOOK Big hook...

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MRI compatible CATHETER CONTAINER Holder for oxygen tubes and suction catheters. Container Part no. 11203 Sliding clamp Part no. 30126 FLOWMARKER For Dameca anaesthesia machines. Yellow 25L Part no. 13676 Green 15L Part no. 13671 Wall panels Our modular wall panels enable safe and simple connection to electricity and gas. • Classic design • Rail for rail-mounted equipment • Supplied ready for installation • Easy to extend as required • hoice of gas outlets (O2, N2O, C Air, Vac, AGS) • Choice of electrical outlets Part no. 30522 RESPIRATIONS VALVE In plastic material with reduction valve for pressure....

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About Dameca Dameca is about raising standards of hospital and veterinary treatment through innovative development. For more than 60 years, our anaesthesia technology has contributed to high quality healthcare. Today our products rank among the safest, most efficient and most flexible on the market. We manufacture our products at our modern facilities just outside Copenhagen. It is also here our head office is located, along with our development and test facilities, sales and after-sales departments and warehouse. Dameca anaesthesia machines and accessories are sold through our sales team in Scandinavia...

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