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Siesta i Breasy
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Catalogue excerpts

Integrated anesthesia Siesta i Breasy anesthesia machine

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High functionality all round At Philips, we have put a lot of thought into how best to meet your standard needs. The result is the Siesta i Breasy an anesthesia machine characterized by our distinctive Scandinavian design and with plenty of room for add-on accessories: • Integrated breathing system • Same bag-in-bottle for adults and infants • Microprocessor-controlled ventilator with LCD screen • Suitable for low and minimal flow • Reliable safety features • Space-saving design • Long lifetime at low total cost of ownership Microprocessor-controlled ventilator Using the 5” LCD digital and graphical...

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The Siesta i Breasy anesthesia machine was previously sold and marketed under the Dameca brand. As of March 2011 Dameca was acquired by Royal Philips Electronics Philips Healthcare, Anesthesia Care Dameca a•s, Islevdalvej 211, DK-2610 Roedover, Denmark Phone +45 4450 9990, Fax +45 4450 9999, © 2011 Dameca a•s All rights reserved Document order number: 91204GB-01 0911

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