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Siesta i Whispa
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Catalog excerpts

Your patients, Siesta i Whispa anesthesia machine

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Functional, and flexible At Philips, we are not just committed to meeting the healthcare needs of today. We also think about tomorrow..

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to your needs Take a good look and you’ll be surprised by the many forward-thinking features of the Siesta i Whispa anesthesia machine. Microprocessor-controlled ventilator The Siesta i Whispa ventilator compensates for changes in the fresh-gas flow and compliance in the breathing system. Pressure, spirometry data, and oxygen concentration are displayed on the 8” color TFT screen. Supports seven ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, PRVT*, manual, and spontaneous. PRVT*– Pressure Regulated Volume Target PRVT* is a lung-protective ventilation mode that combines the advantages of volume-controlled...

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Integrated breathing Forget about time-consuming, multiple-tube connections between the anesthesia machine, breathing system, and patient. Our integrated breathing system (IBS) integrates an ascending bag-in-bottle, patient circuit, and CO2 absorber in one compact unit. That means no tubing between the breathing system and machine and only two tubes— for inspiration and expiration—between the breathing system and patient. The manual bag connection is located under the APL valve. Setting up for a procedure is fast, and cleaning is easy. In less than sixty seconds the breathing system can be taken...

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system SIESTA i WHISPA Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight Hypoxic guard system Total flow range: 0–20 L/min Backbar for two Selectatec vaporizers (German or British standard) with interlock safety mechanism Integrated breathing system (IBS) Hanging Insp./Exp. valve flaps Tool-free disassembly in less than sixty seconds Fresh gas introduced after Insp. valve Autoclavable Absorber capacity Ventilation modes VCV (volume-controlled ventilation) PCV (pressure-controlled ventilation) SIMV (synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation) PSV (pressure support ventilation) PRVT* (pressure-regulated volume...

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Philips Healthcare is part of Royal Philips Electronics Philips Service Philips Anesthesia Care has a service portfolio that encompasses a range of standard service contracts along with scheduled preventative maintenance cycles to ensure that your equipment performs at optimal levels. In addition we offer a number of value-added services such as training provided by our clinical application specialists. For more information, please contact your Philips representative. How to reach us Asia +49 7031 463 2254 Europe, Middle East, Africa +49 7031 463...

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