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Catalog excerpts


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Danmedics - specialized in Turnkey projects and Room concepts We offer customized modular operating theatres pre-fabricated wall and ceiling modules exactly as defined by you. The installation at site is fast, clean and with high precision. Our unique fixation system allows future installation of e.g. ducts, built in monitors, control panels and even the complete exchange of wall modules, easy and quick. You can choose from the shell (walls, ceiling, doors) to the fully functioning individually designed turn-key operating theatre - from one source! Competences    Page

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Antibacterial wall and ceiling systems • SteriPanel HPL anti-bacterial for wall and ceiling systems • Solid surface material • Stainless steel sheet, powder-coated, optionally anti-bacteria

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Flooring • Rounded corner elements • Rubber tiles • Resin flooring • Antistatic flooring Wall integration components • Monitors • Digital clocks • Gas outlets • Electrical outlets • Built-in cabinets • Control panel • X-ray viewer • White boards

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Doors • Sliding doors • Hinge doors • Fire protection doors • Doors for radiation protection Hygiene and workflow systems • Scrub Stations • Equipment (soap dispensers, brush holders) • Stainless steel furniture (cabinets, racksystems, equipment-t

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X|pend - Pendants • Single and double arm pendants • Motorized height adjustment • High load capacity • Modular pendant head for operating theatres and intensive care Keyboard tray • Full range of accessories Platform with siderail Integration with LEDMEDICS Platform with drawer ® x|pend showing some of the available modules With the new “modularity design” the x|pend® can be 360° customized to meet different customer uses in environments such as OR, ICU, NICU and Emergency room. The panel can be positioned to the front right or left, mid front, back right or left, or mid at the back. This unique...

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LEDMEDICS is the latest technology in terms of surgical lights. With only 84 leds and double or single white technology, LEDMEDICS can provide up to 160.000 lux and a perfect changing colour temperature. LEDMEDICS provides the best light column ever with 1200 mm depth and an electronically adjustable light field. LEDMEDICS® Lights • State-of-the-art LED technology • Full HD camera systems • Monitor support arm systems • Optionally Controlled by a touch-screen monitor • Ergonomic shape • Endo mode • No rainbow effect • Homogeneous light with less shadows

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OT-COM - audio & video routing and documentation Modern operating theatres require hi-tech solutions which are viable, fast and reliable. The surgical team must be able to focus on the patient and not on complicated equipment. OT-COM® is the perfect solution to your OT. •    Easy to install. • Reduces the complexity in all imaging, video and patient data inputs. • Less training needed, due to the friendly user interface. •    Inter-disciplinary collaboration during surgeries . •    Minimal maintenance required . • Fibre cable wiring. • IP technology for storage and bidirectional functions. • HD...

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Medical equipment Monitors Tables Anaesthesia equipment Towers (LAP, Endo, etc.) Autoclaves Bedhead units Medical Gases a

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Medical Furniture • Chairs • Beds • Trolleys • Examination room interior • Dispensers • and more... Hospital Furniture • Waiting Areas • Counters • Receptions • Working desks • Meeting rooms • Staff and Doctor rooms • and more...

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Monoblock construction system System advantages Danmedics Monoblock construction system, is the • Installation of electric cabling or medical gas most innovative wall and walkable ceiling for Health piping inside the wall elements units.    • Double-side finished partition walls between two adjacent rooms in 1 single step of installation From partition walls to full height walls, with the • High thermal insulation and acoustic noise ab-possibility to have integrated equipments and cabling sorption makes this system ultra flexible.    • Integration of X-ray-viewers and/or flat-screen monitors inside...

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Medical Engineering GmbH DANMEDICS Medical Engineering GmbH Breitefeld, 3 D-64839 Münster Info@danmedics.de www.danmedics.de Download this brochure

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