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Light for the medical workplace

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WORTH KNOWING Minor surgery luminaires    16

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Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, United Kingdom St. Marien-Hospital, Cologne, Germany Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Ohio, USA Polyclinic Caja de Salud Cordes, Cochabamba, Bolivia Innovation and premium quality. Our designers and engineers blaze new trails while keeping proven technologies in mind. We develop light that helps people in their everyday lives and meets their needs — all over the world

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Aleris Klinik, Oslo, Norway Danderyds sjukhus Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden Private ENT clinic, Wroclaw, Poland Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan IIUM Medical Center, Kuantang Bahang, Malaysia Ripas Hospital, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Lutetia Clinic, Dubai, United Arabic Emirates Changi General Hospital, Singapore Royal Children‘s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

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MADE IN SWITZERLAND geeignet for suitable für Labore, Arztpraxen, Laboratories, medical Kliniken, etc. practices, clinics, etc. GEPRÜFTES APPROVED MEDIZINPRODUKT MEDICAL DEVICE entspricht compliant with

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Hygiene in focus. When developing new luminaires, our engineers pay attention not only to ergonomic comfort but also to the fact that the luminaires are easy to clean in everyday use. Cleanliness through closed housing. The closed design reduces the penetration of liquid and dust and makes cleaning surfaces noticeably easier. The removable handles of the treatment lamps TRIANGO 100, TRIANGO 30 and the IRIS LED can be removed with one hand and can thus be optimally sterilized. Active dirt resistance with antimicrobial hygiene function. The examination lamp VISIANO 20 is equipped with an...

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FATIGUE-FREE WORK Light enlivens tired eyes Bad lighting conditions put a strain on our eyes. Headaches, burning eyes and reduced performance can be the result. A homogeneous, glare-free light fi eld relieves noticeably and promotes effi ciency. A well thought-out lighting concept should therefore include not only general lighting but also the lights of a medical workplace. The lighting is very often in use therefore it is important that it reliably supports everyday use and maximizes visual comfort. Best light conditions Illuminance, light color temperature and color rendering are...

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Competence in examination and treatment areas Medical luminaires from Derungs can be used in different hospital departements and surgeries. Find your application and we help you to find the right luminaire: Choose between various performance and equipment features, as well as fastening options. Small surgery Trauma room Outpatient surgery Endoscopy

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Examination General medicine Dermatology Gynecology Neonatology Anesthesia Operation room preparation Anesthesia

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✓ ✓ also as dual arm system • ideally suit

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suitable for Laboratories, medical practices, clinics, etc. APPROVED MEDICAL DEVICE compliant with EN 60601-1

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MINOR SURGERY LUMINAIRES The universally applicable minor surgery luminaires create the best • Protection class: I or II with PA connection light conditions for any type of examination and small surgical intervention. High-quality LED technology optimally reproduces color • Easy to move • Illumination intensity 40–160 klx nuances and supports doctors in their daily work. Premium arm systems with a large movement radius and good positioning provide simple, ergonomic operation. • Color rendering index Ra > 85 • For examination and operating rooms, etc. • Removable, sterilizable hand grip • Sta

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TRIANGO 100 – MINOR SURGERY LUMINAIRES The TRIANGO 100 treatment light by Derungs is the latest premium product from Derungs. It is especially good for treatment, minimally invasive interventions and in-depth examinations. The version with Endo Wall Roller stand mode also offers optimum light for endoscopic treatments. With its first-class features, such as Ra 95 color rendering and LEDs in two different light colors, it also assists medical personnel in fields like dermatology, gynecology and urology. With 100,000 lux at one meter, it is the highest-performing medical light by Derungs....

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Endo mode. When doctors perform treatments or examinations on An adjustable light fi eld gives any doctor a great deal of monitors, the illumination intensity can be adjusted so everyday fl exibility. The light can be optimally adjusted to that glare or refl ections are reduced to a minimum. If the treatment surface. During treatment to the patient’s complications occur during the procedure and the patient face, a smaller light fi eld protects from glare. For larger has to be operated on, the touch of a button brings treatment surfaces, a large light fi eld reduces the need

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TRIANGO 100 – MINOR SURGERY LUMINAIRES Intuitive operation Ideal color temperature Diamond cluster optics Simple operation with an Optional, adjustable to three levels For uniform light with High positional accuracy easy-to-reach keypad

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TRIANGO 100 - Ceiling version    Connection    Special features Order No. TRIANGO 100-1 C TRIANGO 100-3 C TRIANGO Fokus 100-1 C TRIANGO Fokus 100-3 C TRIANGO Endo 100-1 C direct power supply direct power supply direct power supply direct power supply direct power supply dimmable dimmable, 3 color shades dimmable, focusable dimmable, focusable, 3 color shades dimmable, Endo mode

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TRIANGO 100 - MINOR SURGERY LUMINAIRES 23 TRIANGO 100 - Wall version    Connection    Special features    Order No. TRIANGO 100 W    direct power supply    dimmable    D15.888.000 TRIANGO 100-3 W    direct    power supply    dimmable,    3 color shades    D15.889.000 TRIANGO Fokus 100-1 W    direct    power supply    dimmable,    focusable    D15.890.000 TRIANGO Fokus 100-3 W    direct    power supply    dimmable,    focusable, 3 color shades    D15.891.000 TRIANGO Endo 100-1 W    direct    power supply    dimmable,    Endo mode    D15.973.000 TRIANGO 100 - Roller stand Special features...

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