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HbA1c net FS

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Accuracy. Efficiency. Comfort. The New Enzymatic Method for Determination of HbA1c. DiaSys Diagnostic Systems CHOOSING QUALITY.

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The Gold Standard of Tomorrow Exceeding Your Expectations Today The worldwide rapid rise in diabetes is a challenge for treatment as well as for diagnosis and monitoring. Diagnostic technologies providing precise, reliable and quick results are crucial. With HbA1c net FS, DiaSys offers an enzymatic test with high specificity and precision, setting new standards for accuracy. Innovative and Easy: A Modern Method for More Efficiency DiaSys’ HbA1c net FS test is based on an enzymatic method that provides a number of advantages in addition to high quality results. It simplifies operations and...

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Clinical Significance of HbA1c Assessment The HbA1c value correlates with the average blood glucose level over the past 8 – 12 weeks and is used for long-term glycemic control in diabetic individuals. Besides monitoring, HbA1c is also recommended by international organizations as WHO and ADA for reliable diabetes diagnosis. Clinical studies demonstrate that lowering the HbA1c level may help to delay or prevent the incidence of late diabetic complications. N-terminus of hemoglobin β-chain Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is metabolically produced by reaction of glucose with the N-terminal Valine...

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n = 100 Passing / Bablok: y = 0.996 x - 0.015 mmol/mol r = 0.9931

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The Crucial Advantage: Unsurpassed Accuracy Common HbA1c assays based on HPLC or immunoturbidimetry may be affected by hemoglobinopathies which are frequent in certain patient groups. The extraordinary specificity of DiaSys’ enzymatic HbA1c test ensures reliable results, qualifying HbA1c net FS as the new standard in HbA1c determination. Specific and Precise: The Enzymatic Principle The test is based on a colorimetric, enzymatic method. The concentrations of HbA1c and total hemoglobin are determined separately. The instrument automatically performs the calculation of HbA1c ratio in % or...

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Leading Technology in Fluid-stable Reagents from DiaSys · · · · · · · · Over 25 years of experience in development and production of clinical chemistry tests Premium service supply in technics, applications and after sales Quality products made in Germany High performance, ready-to-use reagents with minimized interferences, long shelf life and onboard stability as well as traceability to international references Perfectly matched reagents, calibrators and controls High grade raw materials from traceable origin Processes and resources certified according to ISO 13485, fulfilling highest...

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