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DORMA Automatics

Crane 1000/1000-A



Crane Revolving Doors

1000/1000-A Series —

The Crane 1000 Series is the

solution when your budget-

conscious project calls for the

look, function, traffic flow advan-

tage, and energy savings of a

revolving door. Fabricated with

rigid aluminum construction, the

1000 Series offers choices that

allow you to match the doors to

your entrance requirements.

You can select from several size

options, canopy choices, and

custom painted or anodized

finishes. The 1000 Series is

available in manual, automatic,

or security operating modes.

Series 1000 doors use the same

100:1 gear manual speed control

and bookfold mechanism

provided on all Crane manua

revolving doors. We use .125

thickness aluminum construction

as the primary material, and all

door construction is completed

by the experienced iron workers

and craftsmen in our Chicago

facility. The Crane 1000 series

also offers an expedited produc-

tion lead time for jobs with a

fast-tracked completion date.

Crane 1000-A Series doors

feature the same automatic drive

system previously only available

in Crane's higher end custom

series doors. The MDS-A Modular

Drive System includes an

advanced microprocessor control

and is torque driven for safety.


Automatic In-Ground Floor Closer

With the ED400-IG, you can

meet access requirements and

simultaneously maintain a classic

look such as an arched door or

an all-glass facade. This revolu-

tionary operator conceals the

automatic components in the

floor near the door threshold.

The ED400-IG functions in low

energy or full power mode, and

can be used in both new con-

struction and retrofit applications.

It directs energy generated by

the ED400 drive unit to the pivot

in a rotating motion—ensuring

consistent, smooth operation.


Bi-Fold Door

The ED1200 Bi-Fold Door

combines proven mechanical

design with easily program -

mable control units, creating

a reliable, durable, and easy

to install door. Its heavy-duty,

strong, intelligent, and flexible

ED400 controller and operator

ensure smooth operation, while

the easy breakout mechanism

allows the ED1200 to utilize

the full door opening.

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