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Brochure: QBC Autoread Plus - 2 Pages

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DELIVERS BETTER PATIENT CARE AT THE POINT-OF-CARE • Bar Code Scanners & Keypad for Data Entry & Positive Patient I.D. • Improved Optics for Greater Precision • Quieter Operation • Expanded Printer Capability Via USB Port Capability Thousands of practitioners already depend on the QBC AUTOREAD™ Plus System for reliable hematology results from a very simple dry procedure. AUTOREAD™ PLUS SYSTEM PROVIDES • No Clean-up or Liquid Waste Disposal GIVING YOU THE TOOLS to optimize medical and economic benefits; the improved QBC AUTOREAD PLUS System with the QBC AccuTube offers the most cost-effective means to achieve excellence in point-of-care hematology testing: Better Outcomes from rapid and accurate, quantitative CBC results, speeding diagnosis and promoting earlier, more effective treatment & therapy. Increased Patient Satisfaction from speedy resolutions of clinical presentations, reducing patient anxiety and promoting better compliance with Increased Physician Efficiency because rapid results enhance the differential diagnosis of clinical problems, and accelerate medical decision-making — achieving optimal use of valuable physician time! Attractive Economics with low capital investment and low cost in use. The QBC® AUTOREAD™ PLUS System leading the way in point-of-care hematology.

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WORLD'S ONLY DRY HEMATOLOGY SYSTEM! Data analysis Data processing incorporates various digital filters, pattern recognition and data conversion algorithms. Computations are based on the fact that each QBC Tjbe exhibits a characteristic signature that must fall within prescribed tolerances. Test results are displayed only when data analysis confirms valid band lengths in at least five of the eight sets of scanning measurements. Validity checks include: • verification of fill lines and tube identification line • float position • meniscus location and detecting of bubbles around meniscus and float •...

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