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Petits volumes de produits
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Catalog excerpts

Easyseal is a high-tech enterprise committed to R&D,production and seales various types of medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and water treatment equipment. It has a number of certification such as IS09001 and CE. It is the only company in China that has "medical intelligent sealing equipment engineering". "Technology Research Center", the title of sealing equipment design and production enterprises. More than 30 models of medical sealer(medical heat sealer) developed by our company are capable of displaying and printing in multiple languages such as English and Japanese. It has pioneered...

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Easugpnl Easyseal Medical Series Automatic Cutting-Sealing Machine Main Features y Automatic feeding, cutting and sealing: You only need to set up the length and quantity of the paper-plastic pouches as per the requirements and start the program, then the machine will automatically complete the feeding, utting andsealing process; y Touch screen with Android OS, which features in graphical operation interface, single chip control system, adjustable parameters etings with English input methods or optional scanning gun, automatic storage with functions of voice reading, voice prompt and wireless...

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Easyseal Medical EF121 Series Cutting-Sealing-Printing Machine Main Features y The world's first machine with automatic feeding, cutting, sealing and printing functions: You only need to set up the length and quantity of the paper-plastic pouches as per the requirements and start the program, then the machine will automatically feed, cut, seal the pouches and print out all the selected parameters in English; y Touch screen with Android OS, which features in graphical operation interface, single chip control system, adjustable parameters settings with English input methods or using optional scanning...

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Easugpnl Easyseal Medical Series Cutting-Sealing Machine with Two-line Printing Main Features Technical Parameters ► Control System: 7" color capacitive LCD ► Sealing Speed: 10±0.5m/min ► Sealing Width: 12mm ► Cutting Length: >50mm ► Cutting Speed: 20±0.5m/min ► Sealing Margin: 0~35mm adjustable ► Working Temperature: 60~220°C adjustable ► Temperature Control Precision: <±1°C ► AC Power: According to customer requirements y The world's first machine with functions of automatic feeding, cutting, sealing and printing one line or two lines at a time: only need to set up the length and quantity of...

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Easyseal Medical Main Features y Touch screens, with automatic storage function of work parameters, and optional scanning gun can be used to set up and change parameters. The application of unique roll-cutting technique has effectively prolonged the service life of the blades. The cutters feature time-and-laborsaving.high efficiency and full functioning, It is the upgrading version of manual cutting machine. Technical Parameters ► Control System: 4.3"color LCD ► Cutting Length: >50mm ► Cutting Speed: 20±0.5mmin ► AC power: According to customer requirements Main Features Rapid Heat Sealer No. y...

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Easyseal Medical Rapid Sealing-Printing Machine Main Features y Adopt the world's first heat sealing technology to make sealing speed 2 times faster than normal devices, and can meet users' requirement for fast sealing ; y 7"colored LCD touch screen, graphical operation interface, English display and printing, in-built clock, and adjustable parameters settings; y Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, fast heating and high temperature control precision; > Safe operation: If the sealing temperature and sealing pressure exceeds setting range, the machine will automatically stop working, which...

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Easyseal Medical EF102-TB Sealing Machine with Large Font Printing Main Features > Adopt the creative technology, can print English characters up to 24x24 matrix, which makes it easier to identify the highlighting main contents for its double heigh and width, and it is available to randomly set up 7 kinds of fonts. Very easy change of printing from large-size characters in one line to small-size ones in two lines; y 7" color LCD capacitive touch screen with Android OS, which features in graphical operation interface, and other specific functions including automatic storage voice reading, voice...

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Easyseal Medical Sealing Machine with Laser Printing Main Features y 7" colored capacitive LCD touch screen, Andriod OS, graphical operation interface, in-built clock, random setup of parameters and automatic storage function; y With the first-in-the-world Laser Printing technology, the font can be set randomly, no consumables; y Even no external computer is available, the operator can use the in-built colored touch screen to set up or change the operation parameters and the information such as the operator, department, description and so on; and then print out all the selected information; y...

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Easyseal Medical EF115 Automatic Sealing Machine with Longitudinal Cutting Main Features y Automatic feeding, cutting and sealing of pouches.This machine is small in size and convenient to use. the cutting and sealing processes are completed from the front side of equipment. The machine will complete cutting and sealing in one step after you set up the required length and quantity of pouches; y 7" color LCD capacitive touch screen with Android operation system, which features in graphical operation interface, single chip control system, and adjustable parameters settings and automatic storage...

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Easyseal Medical Automatic Sealer with Two-line Printing Main Features y EF 102 -U allows two lines printing at one time with self-operation procedure or connection to any computer to set up parameters or change printing contents, or you can use a SD card to transform information between computer and equipment to easily adjust two lines printing contents. y EF 102 -T : 7" colored LCD capacitive touch screen, which features in graphical operation interface, in-built clock, adjustable parameters settings and automatic storage. In-built color touch control screen can be used to set up or change parameters...

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