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Catalogue excerpts

fhe new series of ulfra versafile fissue engineering bioreacfors MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY tissue engineering research High versatility Interchangeable tissue culture packages Electronic control of cell mechanical stimulation Affordable research instrument

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Tissue Engineering and the TEB1000 series of bioreactors: a natural alliance Producing tissues in vitro requires appropriate bioreactors that simulate physiological environments for cell growth on 3D subs- trates. State-of-the-art tissue engineering bioreactors must not only control critical parameters for cell culture, such as tempera- ture and pH, but also have to ensure an adequate nutrient supply within the 3D construct and mimic the in vivo mechanical stimulation through the application of physiological mechanical stimuli. The TEB1000 series of bioreactors has been designed to meet the requirements...

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with endless applications The unique architecture of the TEB1000 series has been conceived to dramatically extend the range of applications of the equipment. Within this series, a fully operational bioreactor is composed of two elements: A Master Unit, with the functionality of a CO2 incubator, but also incorporating an integrated double peristaltic pumping system and its corresponding digital control system with touchscreen interface. A Tissue Culture Package, adapted to a specific tissue or application. Each package consists of a culture chamber and a number of accessories, depending on the application....

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Culture packages P3D Disposable Perfusion Chamber Specifically designed to grow cells on thick 3D • Supplied in a sterile ready-to-use pack. • Fully transparent. • Minimised area in the direction perpendicular to • Female luer connexions. • Easy scaffold insertion and removal processes. • Chamber fixations wings. • Watertight closing with pull-prevention system. Free samples available upon request! Female part Female Luer connexions Fixation wings Clip lock Male part The chamber has been designed to hold cylinder-shaped scaffolds. Vascular Package This package is specifically designed for the development...

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Feel free to use any kind of chamber or culturing device with the TEB1000 Master Unit. If none of the Cell Growth Packages satisfies your requirements, but you have an adequate commercial or in-house manufactured device at your disposal, you will still be able to take advantage of the advanced control and pumping capabilities of the Master Unit. Home-made experimental set-up for tissue engineering cell culture Experimental set-up for cell substrate under flow conditions. Custom Package Given the large number of different research lines existing in the tissue engineering field, it may be possible...

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Technical features Automatic CO2 incubator with integrated peristaltic pumping system General features Internal Dimensions Temperature Range Oxygen control Double-door construction with stainless steel Internal chamber Integrated double peristaltic pumping system To be used with closed cell culture systems Available upon request Peristaltic pumping system General features Flow rate Flow Profiles Control system Fully integrated in the CO2 incubator Pumpheads available on the rear wall of the internal chamber of the incubator Electric engines, electronics and power supply outside incubator Up to...

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cell culture under flow conditions The TEB1000 series of bioreactors can be used in any experiment in which the application of flow to grow cells is recommended. Just by replacing the Tissue Culture Package, different types of cell cultures can be carried out, where a wide variety of stimuli, including per- and perifusion as well as shear flow, can be Home-made experimental set-up for multiple simultaneous culture under perfusion on three-dimensional scaffolds. Example of user stimulation profile. Cell growth under flow stimulation has several advantages with respect to static culturing. The improvement...

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EBERS,experience, innovation and quality EBERS is a biotechnology company formed by a team of engineers, biologists and physicians with more than 15 years of experience in the field of biomedical engineering. Since its creation, EBERS is committed to the development of more user-friendly, versatile and affordable equipment designed to meet ever-increasing research goals. The company follows a sound R+D strategy applying our expertise to develop next-generation versions of existing products and explore the feasibility of current products in new applications while creating new research and clinical...

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