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New Chambers for 3D cell culture under perfusion conditions Disposable ready-to-use scaffold holding chambers LUER CONNECTIONS Standard female luer connections allow easy and fast connections while minimizing fluid FULLY TRANSPARENT Allows visually checking the current status and the evolution of your culture. Surfaces perpendicular to the flow direction have been minimized in the P3D chambers design in order to reduce flow recirculation EASY SCAFFOLD INSERTION/ REMOVAL Chamber opening and closing has been simplified in order to avoid damage to scaffold ocurring in the insertion and remo- val processes. Neither threads nor o-rings are needed to assure watertightness, which simplifies the scaffold setting and removal EXCELLENT SCAFFOLD FIXATION Forget about undesired chamber openings thanks the clip locking system. Perfusion 3D cultures have never been so easy The P3D chambers provide a cost-effective simple solution to grow cells on porous scaffolds under perfusion condi- tions. They allow you to seed and culture your scaffolds in the same chamber reducing scaffold manipulation and minimising the contamination risk. Forget about home-made ineffective solutions and save time and money using the new P3D disposable chambers: the easiest way to culture cells under flow conditions. Chamber Description Male part Scaffold Insertion Diagram Insert your scaffold in three simple steps.

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Adapt the chamber dimensions to the size of your scaffold! P3D chambers are designed to host cylindrical scaffolds and are supplied in two different sizes: P3D-6 and P3D-10 for scaffolds with nominal diameter 6 and 10 mm, respectively. Useful height can be also adjusted to fit the length of your scaffold: insert the scaffold in the chamber and close it until the scaffold is securely fixed. with any device capable of pumping fluid through the scaffold pores! P3D chambers can be used in combination with other EBERS products: Culture racks: keep the chambers in vertical position in a tidy and smart...

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