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TC-3 Technical specifications
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TC-3 load bioreactor Description The TC-3 Bioreactor has been designed as a simple easy-to-use system suitable to create cell culture experimental set-ups applying mechanical loading profiles defined by the user to the samples. The needs of researchers working on cell culture under mechanical stimuli have been accounted for in the design of the TC-3. It combines the features of a traditional testing machine with the particular demands of cell culture, with special emphasis on the sterilization of the parts which are going to contact the culture medium, the easy assembling, the sample inspection by microscopy techniques and the straightforward sample manipulation. Applications The TC-3 permits to work with: Horizontally and vertically arranged multiple samples, Immersed and air-liquid interface setups, Sheet-shaped, rod-shaped and cylinder-shaped substrates, Tension and compression axial loading, Simultaneous tension/compression and flow through the substrate and Hydrostatic pressure Visual inspection of the samples is provided thanks to its transparent lid and bottom glass window. Also when working with thin membrane-shaped scaffolds, it is possible to use microscopy techniques to inspect the status of the culture in-situ. Scalability and versatility are key features of the TC-3, in which three grips models can be interchanged in order to adapt to the features of the testing substrate or scaffold. The system is controlled by a simple computer interface which allows defining the most common loading profiles which can be applied on the culture substrate.

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TC-3 mechanical stimulation bioreactor Actuation system Vertical configuration: 285 x 478 x 110 mm Horizontal configuration: 290 x 300 x 492 to 592 mm Minimal displacement increment Maximal force PC-based control software Power supply and consumption Maximal deformation rate Tension & Compression Chambers Autoclavable Maximal internal volume [*] Sheet-like grips Useful width Maximal displacement Minimal displacement Rod-like grips Useful width Maximal displacement Minimal displacement Compression grips Useful diameter Maximal displacement Minimal displacement [*]: This value is calculated without...

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Tension- Compression and flow Chamber Autoclavable Maximal internal volume [*] Tension-Flow grips for tubular scaffolds Scaffold diameter Maximal displacement Minimal displacement Compression-Flow grips for porous scaffolds Maximal scaffold diameter Maximal displacement Minimal displacement Hydrostatic pressure chamber Autoclavable Maximal pressure

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