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Bioreactor Bioreactor Mechanical stimulation for cell culture Versatile chambers adaptable to a variety of tissues Multi-chamber system Horizontal and vertical congurations Optimized visualization of the samples A simple mechanical stimulation cell culture system at last! TC-3 is a simple and multipurpose cell culture bioreactor designed to provide mechanical stimulation to a variety of samples and tissues. It permits to work with horizontally and vertically arranged multiple samples, with immersed and air-liquid interface setups, offering three different sets of grips and imparting userdened tension and compression axial loading. Forget about expensive mechanical testing systems that are poorly adapted for cell culture and save money and inconveniences with the TC-3 Bioreactor: the new generic system to mimic the in vivo mechanical environment in cell culture labs. TC-3 Bioreactor Vertical Conguration

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VERSATILE CHAMBERS ADAPTABLE CELL CULTURE ■ Lightweight, corrosion resistant and compatible with standard incubators ■ Compact autoclavable chambers with small volume ■ Perfusion and instrumentation ports available upon request ■ Dynamic (pulsatile) tension/ compression loading ■ Load shared among specimens, ■ Three models of grips permit to secure disc-shaped, sheet-like and rod-like specimens ■ Applications: blood vessels, cardiac muscle, bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and skin MULTI-CHAMBER SYSTEM ■ Up to 3 chambers can be simultaneously utilized ■ Either shared or independent nutrient...

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