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TEB500 brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

TEB500 Cell Culture Bioreactor CELL CULTURE BIOREACTOR FOR FLOW EXPERIMENTS flow circuits ■ Simpler and more reliable experimental setups ■ Powerful flow control ■ Complete solution for cell culture under flow conditions ideal conditions for growing and developing cell and tissue cultures under accurately controlled flow conditions. It has integrated double peristaltic pumping system. Forget about awkward and unreliable experimental setups involving pumps, incubators and a jungle of tubes and save time and gain comfort with equipment that integrates all any cell culture experiment under flow.

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BI-GAS INCUBATION SYSTEM POWERFUL FLOW SYSTEM Independent command of two 4-channel pumpheads Standard CO2 and O2 control allows generating hypoxic culture conditions Manual, program and dynamic seeding modes of operation Front access port for the introduction of tubing or wires in the incubation chamber User-de"ned complex !ow pro"les DOUBLE TOP DOOR ENHANCED CONTROL INTERFACE Sample manipulation as easy as working at the laboratory bench PC-based interface with data logging and graph visualization features Ideal for building and handling !ow circuits Front display panel for control of atmospheric...

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