Catalogue for Measurement Technology - 156 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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We are Xylem Analytics Xylem’s analytics business is an expanding family of long-established, leading brands for quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples. Our commitment to our customers is to provide them with the best tools available to solve their measurement challenges in the field, the laboratory or wherever they may be. For almost a century, Bellingham + Stanley has been at the forefront of instrument design and technology and today is regarded by many international brands as the leader in the field of refractometry and polarimetry. • Refractometers • Polarimeters • Certified Reference...

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Dear Customer, I am pleased to present our new catalog to you. Granted, it took a little longer than originally planned, but the results speak for themselves: The current catalog includes a variety of new and improved products, ranging from data loggers, the appropriate evaluation software to hand-held instruments and the matching probes. I would like to take this opportunity to call your attention to some special product groups: EBI 3x0 USB Data Logger Series The USB Data Loggers of the EBI 3x0 series excel with their easy handling: they automatically create a PDF report with all important measurement...

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Contents ebro Catalogue for Professional Measurement Technology EBI 10-TP230 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 14 EBI 10-TP221 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 15 EBI 10-TP321 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 15 EBI 10-TP421 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 15 EBI 10-TP450/452 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger EBI 10-TP460 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 16 EBI 10-TP231 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 16 EBI 10-TP111 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 17 EBI 10-TP451/453 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger EBI 10-TP200 Temperature/Pressure Data Logger 17 EBI 10-TH100 Temperature/Humidity Data Logger...

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TFX410-1 Laboratory Thermometer without Probe 85 TFX420 Laboratory Thermometer without probe. . .85 TLC 730 Dual Infrared/Fold-Back Thermometer. .. .104 Recommendations for Infrared Measurements 105 Various Exchangeable Thermocouple Probes . .106 Food Oil Monitor and Food Inspection Case... .137 All ebro measurement devices come with a factory calibration certificate. Exception: for the EBI330 data loggers, a batch calibration certificate is available on request. Products labeled with this icon meet the standards DIN EN 12830 (data loggers), DIN EN 13485 (handhelds) and DIN EN 13846 (data loggers...

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Data Loggers ebro offers data loggers for many different applications: Routine Control • High precision temperature, pressure and humidity data loggers for thermal sterilization and validation processes • Precision temperature and pressure data loggers for monitoring of sterilization and thermal processes • Broad set of probe types and configurations • Electronic Bowie Dick Test according to ISO 17665 and EN 285/EN 13060 • Wireless data loggers for real time monitoring • Data loggers for tight spaces • Data loggers for tight spaces • Data loggers for regular process controls • Validation of steam...

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Cold chain and process monitoring Description: • Standard temperature and humidity data loggers with automatic PDF generation • Wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system • Multi-channel thermocouple temperature data logger Applications: • Room monitoring and mapping • Transport and storage monitoring • Clean room and freezer monitoring

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Validation Data EBI 10 EBI 11 High Precision Wireless Data Loggers Mini Data Loggers Description: • High temperature accuracy up to 0.1 °C • High temperature accuracy of 0.1 °C across the full measurement range • Extended temperature measurement range from -85 °C up to 400 °C • Pressure measurement up to 4000 mbar • Humidity measurement from 0% rH to 100% rH • Radio communication possible for real-time monitoring • Temperature measurement up to +150 °C (+302 °F) • Pressure measurement up to 10 bar • Extra compact design for applications where space is tight • ATEX approvals in preparation Applications: •...

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Complete Validation Sets Description: • Validation data loggers with evaluation software and extensive range of accessories • German TÜV Industrial Services certified • Software conforms with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Applications: • Validation of pasteurisation and sterilisation processes • Validation of steam sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and washer-disinfectors for endoscopes

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Validation Data Loggers | EBI 10 High Precision Wireless Data Loggers EBI 10 High Precision Wireless Data Loggers The Perfect Solution for Your Applications To fit each of your specific processes, ebro offers a wide variety of EBI 10 temperature, pressure and humidity data loggers in many different configurations. For example you have the choice of internal sensors, rigid and bendable metal probes, fully flexible cable probes, Luer-lock or tube connection. The user can follow the validation process in real time on his PC screen and can stop a faulty process immediately, if necessary, saving much...

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Validation Data Loggers | EBI 10 High Precision Wireless Data Loggers Integrated sensor Rigid metal probe Bendable metal probes Flexible cable probes Luer-lock connection Tube connection External humidity sensor Programming the Data Loggers Measurement During the Process Automatic Data Evaluation EBI 10 Wireless Temperature Data Loggers General technical specifications: valid for all EBI 10 temperature data loggers* Operating temperature: logger Operating temperature: radio operation Accuracy: Temperature Resolution: Temperature Max. 100,000 measurement values (total) Sensor: Temperature Measurement...

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Validation Data Loggers | EBI 10 High Precision Wireless Data Loggers EBI 10-T100 Temperature Data Logger Integrated sensor Technical Data Measurement range • 1 internal temperature sensor Data memory internal temperature sensor EBI 10-T21x Temperature Data Logger Rigid metal probe Technical Data Measurement range • 1 external temperature sensor, radial, Ø 3 mm Data memory EBI 10-T23x Temperature Data Logger Rigid metal probe Technical Data Measurement range -85 °C ... +150 °C (-121 °F ... +302 °F) (needle length = 50 mm and 75mm) -85 °C … +400 °C (-121 °F ... +752 °F) (needle length = 100 mm...

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