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Catalogue excerpts

Data Logger Systems for Thermal Process Validation Medical | CSSD | Pharmaceutical | Food

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Flexible Data Logger Systems For Thermal Validations ebro offers flexible measurement and documentation systems for validating many different thermal processes. These reliable systems include easy to use wireless or mini data loggers of the EBI 10 or rather EBI 11 series placed directly in the process and software to evaluate the processes. EBI 11 mini data logger EBI 10 wireless data logger Process Validation with Temperature and Pressure Data Loggers across many Applications in: Medical Sector Pharmaceutical Industry Food Industry • Steam sterilization • Stability chambers • Cold storage • Spiral-cooker...

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Benefits • Full automatic and tamper-proof FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliant validations • Broad range of wireless data loggers for all applications • Highly flexible temperature wire probes (­ndividually replaceable sensors) i • High accuracy PT 1000 temperature sensors • High accuracy of up to ±0.1°C • TÜV Industrial Services certified system • 2-year warranty The System Conforms with the Following Standards • FDA 21 CFR Part 11

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Source: Film “Reprocessing of Medical Devices” a film by the Central Service Supply Department (CSSD) of the Diakonia Clinic in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany Source: Film “Reprocessing of Medical Devices” a film by the Central Service Supply Department (CSSD) of the Diakonia Clinic in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany The Perfect Solution for Your Applications To fit each of your specific processes, ebro offers a wide variety of EBI 10 temperature and pressure data loggers in many different configurations. For example you have the choice of internal sensors, rigid metal probes, bendable metal probes, fully...

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Talk to us and we will help you select the logger that fits your application perfectly: The Perfect Solution for Tight Spaces For temperature and pressure measurements in tight spaces, ebro offers the EBI 11 mini data loggers. Many configurations are available to suit your application, including internal sensor, rigid metal probe, bendable metal probe, Luer-Lock connection or threaded connection versions. EBI 11 Mini Data Loggers Designed for tight spaces, e.g. in small steam sterilizers, bottles, cans or bags Technical Data Temperature measurement range Bendable metal probe Rigid metal probe Pressure...

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Accessories and Sets For EBI 10 SL 3100 Complete Validation Set With the ebro SL 3100 data logger set, you are fully prepared to validate your steam sterilizer processes according to ISO 17665 as well as your processes in washer-disinfectors and washerdisinfectors for endoscopes according to ISO 15883. The SL 3100 set consists of: • 5 temperature data loggers with silicone protection boxes 1 temperature / pressure data logger with silicone protection box IF 200 4-port Interface with USB connection and antenna 1 conductivity tester and 1 pH tester Winlog.validation software EBI TIB Thermal Isolation...

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IF 300 4-port interface with USB connection: colored LEDs signaling programming and read out of the data loggers Winlog.validation software AL 114 Can / Bag Adapter Set For placing the EBI 11 data loggers in cans or bags. AL 115 Bottle Adapter Set For placing the EBI 11 data loggers in bottles. AL 113 Battery Exchange Set Suitable for 3 battery exchanges; Contains 6 batteries, 3 O-rings with grease and changing tools. AL 113 L Large Battery Exchange Set Contains 20 batteries, 10 O-rings with grease and changing tools. Please ask us about additional sets or have a look at our full catalogue for...

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Source: Film “Reprocessing of Medical Devices” a film by the Central Service Supply Department (CSSD) of the Diakonia Clinic in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany Source: Film “Reprocessing of Medical Devices” a film by the Central Service Supply Department (CSSD) of the Diakonia Clinic in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany Functional Principle Programming the Data Loggers Measurement During the Process With Winlog.validation Software. Place the EBI 10 wireless data logger, e.g. in a washer-disinfector for endoscopes: During start up, you can create a simple, reusable, custom template containing all parameters (sampling...

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Automatic Data Evaluation Place the EBI 11 mini data logger, e.g. in a food autoclave: When the measurement is complete, place the loggers in the interface for readout. The software will automatically provide a clear “pass” / “fail” result of your validation report.

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Holder of Certificate: WTW GmfcH obro Electronic Production lout Cartiflcition Mirk: Application Software Winlftfl.^allfJalrOrt, Winlnt) I'UKI T*rr IT r"i1in Irrrrii riiirc ji n'ClM -■■j wxua *ua wt4wJ on * vojwurr mi* aawpft vw* w«el nw^piiTin «f?f«*»iJ»iirt irmm loan cwbt iHidd an At erooj* hiAH^MMHiidiwni ceitcttoKifmrk sn wy iiy hi Hhm H rinTi'iJv heWv AMI AM mta n* tool for data logger programming, data evaluation and results storage in accordance with the current validation The software will automatically create a clear "pass7"fail" evaluation of your validation results. In addition, it...

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Flexible Report Generation Whether you need a short process report or a table report with all measurement data – ebro’s Winlog software makes it simple. Detailed result overview Table report Process parameters, e.g. theoretical steam temperature calculation Lethality report Equipment used Statistical data

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Our Services For You At ebro service is more than just a word – ebro offers solution according to customer wishes. Service And Calibrations ebro offers a calibration service for temperature, pressure and relative humidity by our accredited DAkkS laboratory. Please contact us. Training Validation and software trainings on request. IQ / OQ Documentation On request, we can send you a technician who performs the system IQ / OQ with you on-site. ebro Electronic WTW Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstätten GmbH Peringerstr. 10 85055 Ingolstadt, Germany Tel +49 841 95478-0 Fax +49 841 95478-80 Internet:...

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