Data Loggers for Routine Control - 6 Pages

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Data Loggers for Routine Control
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Data Loggers for Routine Control Washer-Disinfectors / Washer-Disinfectors for Endoscopes / Steam Sterilizers / Bedpan Washers CSSD | Hygiene Control

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Electronic Bowie Dick Test System Together with the evaluation software the new EBI 16 data logger forms an easy to use and very reliable electronic measurement system. With it a comprehensive routine control of steam sterilizers can be performed using an Electronic Bowie Dick Test according to EN ISO 11140-4. In addition to the review of the steam penetration, the relevant sterilization parameters are controlled. clear, reproducible measurement results high-resolution graphical cycle display digital data recording and storage Starter sets EBI 16 With the EBI 16 starter sets you can...

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What does the EBI 16 accomplish? • Bowie Dick Test: The EBI 16 delivers clear results during daily checks of the air evacuation test and steam penetration test according to ISO 17665, EN ISO 11140-4 and DIN EN 285. • Easy use, evaluation and documentation of the Bowie Dick Test • Early warning system: The EBI 16 provides early identification of possible failures in steam-sterilizers. Even the smallest quantities of residual air that doesn`t lead to a failed Bowie Dick Test yet are detected. • Vacuum check: The EBI 16 allows a reasonable vacuum check also for sterilizers without pressure display...

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Routine Control made easy With the EBI 100 data loggers, ebro offers reliable measurement devices for routine control of steam sterilizers, washer-disinfectors and washer-disinfectors for endoscopes according to German guidelines and ISO 15883. The data loggers are available in different versions including temperature or temperature / pressure loggers with and without external probes. They record the temperature and pressure variation over time during the washer-disinfector or sterilizer process and can easily be read out on a computer with the help of Winlog. med software. This software will...

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During the routine monitoring of washer-disinfectors, washer-disinfec- tors for endoscopes and steam sterilizers the pressure and temperature variation in time is documented with the help of the data loggers. During the evaluation, the software recognizes and checks all relevant phases of the sterilization. In addition, all of the required parameters are calculated and graphically displayed with the help of the software. software allows the simultaneous start or readout of mul- tiple data loggers. After the routine monitoring process is concluded, delivers a clear and error-free...

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Bowie Dick Test Logger data logger data logger range Temperature accuracy Pressure measurement range Pressure accuracy Protection class Factory calibration ebro Electronic Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstätten GmbH Peringerstr. 10 85055 Ingolstadt, Germany Phone +49 841 95478-0 Fax +49 841 95478-80 Internet: Email: All names are registered tradenames or trademarks of WTW GmbH. Technical changes reserved. © 2013 WTW GmbH.October 2013

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