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Online Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and Many Other Measurements The EBI 25 system for wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and other measurements assures that perishable goods are produced and stored at the right conditions at all times. Extend the system to monitor nearly any other measurement you need. Continuous monitoring of all areas where food, pharmaceutical and medical products are produced and stored. Avoid loss of goods with the continuous monitoring of all crucial temperature points – 24 hours on 365 days a year. Quick intervention before it is too late with a very wide...

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Functionality The innovative EBI 25 system monitors wirelessly, transmits the data in real time to an interface (base station) and from there to the desired server or PC. Other measurements can be integrated using Modbus over IP. Wireless measurement Real time transmission to an interface EBI 25 series data loggers Base station: IF 400 interface • Precise measurement of temperature and humidity (depends on logger type) • Very large range of up to 500 m in a free eld • Very long battery lifetime • Easy installation • Collects and stores the data of up to 50 connected EBI 25 data loggers Embedding...

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For more information please contact us: +49 841 95478-0 As soon as a temperature, humidity or any other measurement has exceeded a user dened limit, an alarm is immediately sent via email. Evaluation on the PC Connection for visual or audible alarm. Work place Measurement management software: Winlog.web and Winlog.wave Email distribution Basic version for local PC usage Professional version internet and local network based use • Single PC solution: The basic version for easy measurement data evaluation on a single PC- no network required. • Web based client/server solution: the measurement data...

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Food sector Food sector Continuous monitoring of cooling equipment, cool rooms and deep-freeze rooms Compliance with the HACCP guidelines Monitoring of room temperatures and humidity values in a store Up to date reports always ready for food inspectors Pharmaceutical / medical sector Pharmaceutical / medical sector Continuous monitoring of temperature sensitive goods like blood plasma or medicine Temperature and humidity monitoring and other measurements in cooling chambers, clean rooms and incubators Up to date reports generated on-demand for audits and inspections Technical Data Type External...

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